1. Mark of the beast is on the left arm and the Bible talks about this. If people actually read the Bible they would know this isn’t the mark of the beast!

  2. The best way is to just join many discords and read and talk to people there. It's where the most of the talk is going on and you get to talk with everyone involved.

  3. What's the best way to use bid caps? I want to win the auction as I'm getting bad leads now. I have a lot of comp with broad audiences. Is it best to use a high bid cap such as 3 or 4 x cpl and what should I multiply my daily budget? So if my cpl is $15 and daily budget say $50 should I set bid cap at $45 and daily budget at $150 or $200? Previously with bid caps I've had no luck but I've read different suggestions previously?

  4. It is too low. Facebook doesn’t like caps just like it doesn’t like lifetime budgets. If you can afford it, go no cap.

  5. Lowest cost isn't working I'm getting junk leads. I'm not trying to get cheaper cpl I'm trying to dominate the auction.

  6. This is correct. I’m a Freemason. I’d eat there. (And then plot world domination over dessert).

  7. And only Switzerland lives in different dimension for all this time. And no one have brain to ask "why?". Why they had no quarantine, why have no mandatory vaccination, and no strict rules about masks. but still have lowest numbers in the world...

  8. Just a question... Where is asking for mandatory Vax? Geneva had a lock down and they had cases. They weren't like US or UK but they had them.

  9. How come we don’t hear about Haiti exploding with the “Delta Variant” cases? That country literally has no healthcare system or infrastructure. Can someone explain?

  10. Then why do people who’ve been vaccinated are still required to wear a mask? Why get a 3rd booster shot?

  11. people who are vaccinated can still get covid and spread it, they are just more likely to be asymptomatic. That's what efficacy is all about. A vaccine is just a little bit of the virus, so that your immune system can defeat the virus. So that when or if you get infected with more of the virus, your immune system can fight it off more efficiently.

  12. Thanks for your reply. Last night on TV here a guy was saying he got 2 different types of Vax hoping he would reach 95% immunity.

  13. He wrote those books 20 years before becoming a mason. I mentioned this in a FM sub and they set me straight.

  14. My comment didn't make too much sense... Sorry... in a FM sub I mention that MPH wrote the masonry was a brotherhood within a brotherhood. And they told me he wrote the books on FM 20 years before becoming a FM.

  15. What are those dudes like? The more I learn of actual FMs the more on one hand they seem innocuous and just a brotherhood of wisdom and truth seekers. But also I am reading things like Behold! A Pale Horse by the dude Bill Cooper and those up top of FM have sinister truths ,power, knowledge and plans to say the least. Haven't read Manly Hall on FM recently but I remember it has a long history.

  16. Yeah they told me the above that it's an old brotherhood that men join because of their family history. They have a big problem keeping members as people think they are holders of secret knowledge which is false they say. It's a bunch a friends that meet once a month for some food and drink and FM is what they have in common.

  17. I don't mind paying for tools I just don't want to have multiple tools that do the same thing. Thanks for your suggestions as well mate.

  18. its a "nsfw" vid i didnt react to it or view and i got banned with him

  19. Start spending money for a few days and get on facebook chat support to ask about increasing limit.

  20. They won’t increase it. Tried many times.

  21. Really? So the account is stuck at 50 per day? Do you have a business manager?

  22. Everything he said was true and not hard to verify. His video was way too long, yes.

  23. Well the internet says it's true. I'm not sure masons would agree... Yeah If I remember correctly it was over 5 hours.

  24. I've taken it a step further; all well known gangs, major corporations, cartels, and the Catholic church and synagogues do the same.

  25. How have you checked? I'm not taking the piss I'm generally curious? Let's not get into Judaism just how have you checked...

  26. CPM's are higher lately for pretty much everyone, probably a mix of external things but most notable is iOS14 messing with the algorithm.

  27. I'm aware cpms are up because of ios also but only recently we've seen them increase dramatically across accounts. So I'm trouble shooting.

  28. You could view it (incorrectly) in my opinion as having inner and outer orders. Once you join Blue Lodge and obtain the first three degrees there are appendant bodies you can join. There are no "secrets" though communicated through those degrees. The messages are what I would consider to be "life lessons" or "really good advice on how to live a just, virtuous existence." The invitation only bodies are, at least from what I understand, more like dining clubs then anything secret. The two in my jurisdiction are mostly old men who just want to go to an additional meeting for something to do.

  29. Thanks for your comment. I wasn't asking about joining. Not sure what you mean about the conspiracy part either. I actually thought it was a mystery school of the like and they had secret teachings that are revealed when the person is ready. That's what I thought the degrees were about. But it just sounds like it's something you join and go to and nothing really happens after 3rd degree. Thanks again for your feedback.

  30. That it is a privilege. It has a certain standards to be up held to and it is a privilege to be a part of that. This organization certainly isn't for everyone and it is not something that should be taken lightly, so it is set to a higher standard and should be revered.

  31. If you use Dynamic Creative to test which creative gets the best results, you'll know why I created this post. Ads are what matters the most. So yeah I do use it when testing and so other advertisers I know who spend millions of dollar every month

  32. It's not designed for testing the fb algo may not find a winning combo of elements before it starts favouring other ad element combos. I'm not here to argue though keep using it for testing. We spend a lot of money on facebook for our clients in many different niches.

  33. I hear you, not arguing either. I'm simply saying that when we use Dynamic Creative it does show us winning combos, maybe I haven't illustrated how in my post because I didn't want to make it long, but it does man... that's why Facebook created it. If you think there's a better way to test, please let me know!

  34. It's not why Facebook created it. We use a sand box method to test. I'm not going to detail that here for you. But dynamic is not for testing mate.

  35. Yeah, you're just bitching. Keep complaining and see if will stop because your entitled ass is sick of it.

  36. Firstly go read your comments in this thread to see who the rude F is.

  37. If you're trying to piss me off you are doing a piss poor job. I'm not even fazed by your tantrum

  38. What we have in our leads center is 8 leads. Hubspot is 12. They gave us 40 leads. Their dashboard shows 12 also.

  39. I've never seem a difference of 28 leads missing from Facebook. We see small differences maybe 5 to 10% but that's it. Maybe their ads are not working and they are recycling leads. Shifty I know but we have seen this happen before. We took over an account 2 months ago and the agency was doing exactly this.

  40. So your vsl shoukd follow a process where it states a problem that your market has. Then agitate that problem with emotional triggers. Then finally solve the problem with your product and close it out with all the positive emotions your product creates.

  41. Yeah I have, that's exactly the type of thing that I'm trying to find an example for (or I'll have to find out what works on my own).

  42. If they are big names they prob don't need to lead gen. Many don't necessarily list build with free offers. They list build purchasers only.

  43. ohhhh, that makes total sense. I wonder where I can find smaller people trying to build lists because that's where I am, or if I should just do the same as the big names.

  44. Make a cheat sheet with some exercises on it. Offer that as bait. Then redirect to your 97 course once they subscribe. Have an upsell of a consultation for 247 if they buy the 97.

  45. Learning to market your business is the most important skill you can learn next to what you do. I run an agency that lead generates for the professional service and finance industries. We train all our clients in online marketing and we develop their systems together.

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