1. Nah, worse every week. New launches get maybe a day of decent performance than tank

  2. Nope past couple of days our conversion rate is 1.85%.

  3. Nah dude , in my case the cpc is the same or even lower than before but the traffic is garbage

  4. Agree with this.... still getting sent traffic, but it's junk

  5. UK here.... shut my ads off at 9am this morning as it was literally burning money

  6. We can't get consistent results at all. Used to spend 3k per day, now 5-700

  7. Oh yeah, I have everything setup properly... my attribution isn't even that bad, its just costs are insane last few months and ROAS is so wildly unstable day to day. I've spent over 2mill on fb ads in the last 4 yrs and done 5.8mill in revenue. So its not a little flash in the pan thing. Shits gone brokeooo ... still some good days but its def not consistent

  8. we have spent almost the same as you (£1.7m) in the same timeframe and seeing the same results. Getting the odd good day here and there but its gone down the toilet. Tried new audiences / creative, basically everything but its consistently inconsistent. Getting pretty sick of it to be honest.

  9. September has been worse than august, if that was possible. The last week in particular

  10. Ill post updates on progress. When the ad dies, i’ll name it that day as a reference point too. If you let your ads breathe for 3-4 days, they work again when turned on.

  11. Do you switch on new campaigns, adsets or just ads every few days?

  12. I have a product that I have been selling for 4 years on FB

  13. I put my 6 year business that I would spend 70-100k a month on fb ads to rest.. waste of time.. every year the prices have gone up but this is ridiculous.. literally a waste of time at this point.

  14. Jan to March this year we spent £251k. In June we spent just under £22k.

  15. Are you looking at a small sample of data? Ours have dropped considerably this month and we spend £25k a month

  16. Your CPP has reduced? I took 3 weeks out of the game but setting up a some new campaigns to go this weekend. The volatility was stressing me out

  17. Fully agree.... it's utter garbage right now and has been for weeks

  18. June has been my worst month in 4 years. Agree with some of the other comments that FB are probably changing a shit load of stuff to combat effects of ios14

  19. Same here. Started to doubt my skills… The Facebook game is so stressful😅 and then have fun explaining that shit to your clients

  20. I don't envy you guys with clients. I only run ads for my own store and that is stressful enough!!!

  21. FB is a mess at the moment........ full stop

  22. I don't think it will go back to the way it was earlier this year or before.

  23. There are a few posts already on this mate.

  24. Conversion rate below. Problem is getting the correct traffic

  25. We have exactly the same problem, except our conversion rate goes up and down on the daily and weekly basis, we are bouncing between 7% and 1.5% and same goes for AOV, on some days it will be 70$+ on others down to $30.

  26. This month (and particularly the last couple of weeks) have been the worst I have seen in 4.5 years selling on FB

  27. Yep... same here. Past couple of weeks have been ridiculous

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