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  1. Yeah I asked in Hindi so I must not know which country Mumbai is in haha :)

  2. What are you looking to achieve with Wordpress

  3. Where do I start - feeling I’m not expert ; nearly impossible to get clients when you are starting out new ; finding right niche and message. It’s all the fears - I’m getting over few of those, long way to go

  4. To each his own. Be kind people. Life is short , we will all die soon or later. Do what motivates you and makes you happy. Nothing wrong with old fashioned business or side hustle or what not. Don’t hurt others, respect everyone. You never know what one is going through. A side hustler might be genuinely trying to make ends meet and he knows he can sell if he posts flashy messages.

  5. Also it’s a decent to great money in many parts of the world , so even full time is ok

  6. Here's a way to identify fake education in the business opportunity space:

  7. How’s book a good indicator ? Because it’s physical ? There are tons of books on gumroad

  8. If you're thinking about investing $1000-$5000 into a course, then spend $20 on their physical book. Is it REALLY good? Is it actually useful? Can you do something with that info and get some sort of result? If yes, and you did get results from their book, then think about investing in a course.

  9. We had a teacher in our undergrad who, I believe had more respect for one or two of the students than the rest. One of those students smiled during her class for a totally different reason that had nothing to do with her or her class, but it happened at an opportune moment when she was explaining something. She felt she had said something wrong and couldn’t stand that student laughing at her, and stormed out of the class crying. She was just super sensitive.

  10. I see this on Twitter too. May be I got sucked into this sub-culture. I believe there are courses on how to do exactly things like you said including how to post platitudes to gain followers.

  11. There are a lot of questions regarding how the respondents "feel", and they are fill in the blank questions. That's a big mistake coz most people aren't comfortable talking about their feelings or they will struggle to find the best words to describe their feelings. And honestly I don't see how people answering "I'm bored" or "I'd be annoyed" serves your research objectives.

  12. Thank you so much for the feedback

  13. Just create a mock-up. No point asking people if they’d pay for it, because you’ll never know. People lie. A small trial is better for that. However you will get ideas on how to refine it to make it better.

  14. I think filling survey is not allowed in this subreddit .. only seeking design critique

  15. Unless you’ll spend a ton on branding, it helps to pick a name that gives a hint of what the product is. Karen app means nothing to me and isn’t memorable. As was joked for a saas business saying what it does and a fav animal name sounds memorable. Like appointment panda or scheduling squirrel. And definitely change because Karen is cringeworthy name and will continue to be

  16. Honeydewdesserts.com .. still wip

  17. FTUSA all the way. No annoying up sells and more accurate than other two if you have hsa. I don’t remember now but years ago I tried all three ( first year of ck) and both TT and CK had a defect related to HSA abs was made to pay significantly more than my actual and FTUSA did it right

  18. If it is as simple as scooping and putting in a bin, why would customers want to pay ? Also if it is a weekly service, wouldn’t you have to go the same day or hour - otherwise poop would be sitting there. I am genuinely curious as I feel I’m missing something

  19. It's better for SEO if the pages are all of her main site.

  20. I build websites and put in automated system for marketing and sales.

  21. I have no idea what type of credit card you are asking about.

  22. https://www.splitit.com/how-it-work/

  23. Yes , I forgot which company offered it. Which is why the question.

  24. Nice write up. I find it ironic though that you run a WhatsApp chat app, and shut down your own option for that due to overwhelming demand, opting for email instead. Congrats on your success tho!

  25. I would say it’s funny but not really ironic .. I think it is on point about the right solution for customers need.

  26. Thanks. I don't know which ones of these allow online. (They have restrictions about being physically in india while applying or sending physical forms)

  27. Check ​Franklin. I say this because they did the FATCA KYC thing. Plus, they do well in almost entire spectrum of MF schemes here.

  28. USA. I think most are but there are a few that don't. I think tata isn't but SBI, DSP Blackrock, ICICI etc do.

  29. DSP Balckrock refunded the money saying invalid transaction. Hdfc did that as well.

  30. You need to mail them the form. Online doesn't work.

  31. So you were unsuccessful in using mf utility as well ?

  32. In addition...if Sansa knew Rickon wouldn't be back alive, she set this whole thing up by motivating Jon to fight for a cause when he was all ready to retire after being back from dead. The reversal of her stance in just few days about Rickon is definitely disturbing.

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