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  1. That's the thing about talent bro, Elite talent shows up early. Think about the #1 players in the NBA, Steph, Luka, Lebron, KD, Trae, Ja...which one of those guys needed multiple years to develop an elite skill? Talent like that makes itself known immediately. How long into the league did it take for people to realize Giannis was a freak? Zion, even with the injuries was absolutely dominant. RJ can develop into a nice rotation player and a valuable piece, but he will not be a #1 guy because he does not have that level of talent.

  2. This. 100%. This is why his ceiling is solid rotation player and maybe fringe all star. If he was a superstar we’d know already

  3. Yeah they’re kinda like the timberwolves where they eventually become mediocre or good just by how much lottery talent they acquire.

  4. That’s disrespectful to the cavs they’re not mediocre

  5. He needs to practice more before taking that many in game…he’s shooting 19%. That’s why he’s open!

  6. You guys will shit on randle but with the cavs playing great D and 1.7 on the clock, i don't see much else that could've been done

  7. Randle deserves crap for walking the ball up the possession before, dribbling out most of the clock and then passing it off to RJ at the last second for a heave (which wasn’t a horrendous shot but wasn’t ideal either when you had 17 seconds)

  8. Love is hot from 3 so what does Randle do? Leave him open!

  9. Jordan Stans will always quote 6-0 and I can’t say they’re wrong. Lebrons finals record is going to be held against him. It just looks ugly, even though I think lebrons span of league dominance is longer than Jordan’s

  10. It’s not just Jordan stan. Lebron doesn’t have a definitive narrative that supports him. Even if he objectively couldn’t didn’t stand a chance because the teams he played against were flat out better, the GOAT is someone who is supposed to “defy all odds.”

  11. We are always going to look at the goat through those lens— that they have to defy all odds. Unfortunately for lebron.

  12. So…Julius Randle….last season….? I’m gonna stop you right there sir

  13. A player that can drag you to the playoffs despite the team around him being mostly crap/inconsistent players

  14. the sales piece makes a ton of sense. he has trouble building and maintaining relationships long term. Short term hes completely likable and a great people pleaser which is why sales works for him....people like him short term and hes gone before they realize hes weird, stupid, and inappropriate. small doses

  15. Even repeat experiences though? He does speak to clients repeatedly or would have done in sales.

  16. Still not the same as a personal relationship. I work in an environment where I have to interact and build relations on the short term/with periodic limited exposure. In those exchanges I can be whatever the person I’m serving needs me to be, and I can have a great rapport with all of them. Everything is superficial. If these people got to know me personally, it wouldn’t be that way. Same with Michael. Everything is surface level, he caters to their interests (I.e. his Rolodex) and they never truly get to know him

  17. I’d call him a superstar but I wouldn’t feel great about it

  18. This makes me sad for all the Burrow vs Herbert matchups. They are just gonna get overshadowed by Allen vs Mahomes.

  19. Yes unfortunately. Especially in this current used car market it’s even worse

  20. Which has nothing to do with the attempted meme.... Bucko. Maybe if he tried rock of Gibraltar, sure.

  21. Strait of Gibraltar rock of Gibraltar same name origin

  22. The strait is about of water... The same one the guys meme is referencing. Body of water=/= mountain

  23. Its really loud, and sends out a color signal, it alerts every team on the Goddam map abt it. So, that’s why we normally aren’t willing to use it

  24. Did you not read my qualification in which I state “when there are opportunities”

  25. Valk mains are in the same boat. Often I’m sitting there pinned down saying, “gee… if only one of us could fly us out of ere to safety…” into my turned off mic.

  26. But they’re quick to use it when they need to escape for themself!! When it’s too late

  27. Beacon fits for your lifestyle desires and price range. There is a vibrant Main Street, a metro north station, trails hiking etc….much cheaper cost of living than Westchester BUT….about 1.5 hrs via metro north from grand central. Otherwise it fits all of your other requirements.

  28. 1pm start. Clippers are well coached. You do the math!!

  29. the Celtics home game we had a few weeks ago on TNT felt pretty good, not much else though

  30. We 100% boo bad effort. If a player consistently shows bad effort, the boo timer is shorter when they mess up. If Randle plays well we won’t boo him. It’s rarely personal in the way that people make it seem/how Randle has been taking it. Leaders get booed more for poor effort bc they’re the leader!

  31. 49ers are so bad omg, walkover for Brady or Rams

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