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  1. "Facebook is smarter than you". Then why don't they remove the interests groups?

  2. Hey OP, you might want to consider using this:

  3. Erm, it only works with websites, aka inspect css classes

  4. Ask them why did their last 3 clients walked out :) That will bring some joy into the meeting.

  5. The point is to keep targeting as broad as possible. Depending on the product. The more you narrow it down, the more expensive it will be to advertise to this audience. We recommend not using interest targeting, but if you’re really sure about your demographics, narrow it down a bit.

  6. Why will it be more expensive to advertise to an audience you tell the algorithm where to look ?

  7. My point about the lower CPM on broad targeting and against interest targeting would be this. Interest targeting is not reliable since you can’t know that people who are interested in Marriot or Vogue are also interested in your shoes. By limiting your self to certain interests, you might be missing out on other interests that could also be bringing you sales. You basically assume that you’re smarter than Facebook in knowing what your customers like. And if you’ve had past conversions, Facebook already knows not to show your ads to men or children who can’t afford it. But it might also know about certain other interests that will work for your product, which you don’t necessarily know.Also, visiting the Marriot website once will add that to your interests on Facebook for a looong time, but you’re still going to be broke and not able to afford it.

  8. Gas money = money you pay Facebook to show ads to people. Thank you for the time you took for clarifying your way of looking at things.

  9. Google keyword planner should come as a handy tool to do that,showing your budget in context of the market - aka what others spend.

  10. 140 million people and a 20$ budget. What could go wrong :)

  11. I would suggest you tone down. If i understand correctly you are REQUESTING HELP because what are you doing ISN'T WORKING anymore.

  12. After a week I was still in the learning phase, I believe this was due to my broader audience (Europe, instead of the local audience).

  13. Also note that it's 10degrees outside. At least in eastern europe. So maybe it's not reallt t-shirt season :)

  14. Sorry for such a delayed reply. Things have been extremely busy preparing for my grand opening event. I appreciate your taking the time to respond though! :) That’s a really good point about not many young people using Facebook. I’m going to be testing Snapchat and Tik Tok ads shortly here too. Just a lot to take in with very limited time unfortunately. As far as what I meant by that age group “seems to be converting better”…my click through rate and cost per action for that group is much better but it’s not showing it to that many people that age so it’s hard to draw real conclusions with that small of a sample size. I’m such a noob though I wasn’t even familiar with the bid cap so thanks for that info!

  15. Good luck! :) Also keep an eye on the frequency, at some point you'll have to change the creatives

  16. Thanks! My frequency just got to 2. At what point would you recommend switching? I’ve been reading a lot of conflicting info.

  17. When you see your cost per action increasing with 30% than pervious period. Depending on your product(how new is to the market) his might accour at 3 or at 8.

  18. The strange thing is that german people search for the same thing in english,see an english ad and convert. They search the equivalent in german,ad in german and bounce 100% as they get to the english page.

  19. We have local language ads and keywords, and an English landing page and it converts. Do people normally convert in 2 days? If you just started, then you may need to give it more time.

  20. Yep,we have an intermediate step that counts as conversion. So they comvert in the same day

  21. We've done that and and it didn't affected. Actually we've ran an a/b test. Some with a reward (amazon coupon) and some without.

  22. What app did you use to collect feedback and distribute rewards ?

  23. We distributed rewards automatically by e-mail and we used for surveying....

  24. We have this exact same issue and are easily spending over 50K a month, mostly Google.

  25. Running it as admin fixed it for me too.

  26. Why is everyone staking with the same validators? Are the incentives not aligned towards decentralization? If people are incentivized to stake with the best apy then inevitably the protocol will become more centralized, I don’t thing begging the community to be altruistic will really work in the long term

  27. Errr,the same reasone people stake their money with the biggest banks? It's a matter of trust.

  28. Well, you are the expert so in my opinion the client should have no say on what channels you use to get the results they want.

  29. I would ask something related to that you sell. Or at least..'when do you want to be called'.

  30. Yep, did it for a while. After wasting my time 10 times and getting no response i realized it's useless (unless i have a connection in the company).

  31. Learning Limited basically just means that you did not get 50 attributed conversions within 7 days. That is not necessarily a bad thing, by the way.

  32. Well, i would say it's certainly not a good thing. Imagine you have a yellow light in the car dashboard. Of course you can keep it driving (otherwise it would be red) :) . But no mechanic is gonna say it's good :)

  33. While i understand your frustation,maybe the answer is not on facebook.

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