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  1. How do you have multiple shot clock violations with Embiid on the floor? He can throw it up from anywhere and it’s gonna be a decent shot against our defense

  2. Lauri has made two threes on transition all net to get the full momentum on a run. He really is saying fuck the bulls lmao

  3. Garland with 12 points 4/4 from three & 4 assists with zero turnovers 🥰

  4. I love the support houston fans give to Harden. The guy did everything for the franchice and left because your owner ruined the team. I loved Harden on Houston so much. (Cavs fan)

  5. I have been printing money betting on this fact. Delete this comment please

  6. More like Kat making an idiot pass. Could have dunked himself or pass to his right.

  7. They call charges so often these days that I wouldnt be surprised if he was scared of picking one up

  8. Wolves would definitely know that from last game..why did you have to remind me about the robbery of Ant

  9. Kanter speaking on the black community is like me speaking about how Nba players could be better at basketball

  10. Clippers getting Zubac for peanuts will go down as one of the biggest heists in nba trading history

  11. I have watched like 4 Dallas games this season and 80% of the team always looks shit. Specially THJ. Has he been bad all season? I remember him being lit in the playoffs

  12. All these “obvious fouls” are things I’ve seen done to Steph hundreds of times over the last 5 years and barely ever get called

  13. If you think I am going to let facts or logic get in the way of my vitriol I have some news for you buddy

  14. We had a politician in Finland who literally said ''Don't distract me with facts and truth'' during a debate lol

  15. I hate sengun entirely because of his free throw routine

  16. I don't even know what Nerlens was trying to accomplish there.

  17. Serious question, will Harris keep his rotation spot come playoff time ??

  18. On the condition he does not pump fake, drive and lose the ball on a drive he should play

  19. They'd be the favorites, although I think other top teams have a chance.

  20. What team? How you could defend that team? Double anyone and you have one of the best shooters in the league open? Even if Giannis would average 50 on 65/40/80 splits I honestly don't know if it would be enough. Nets right know are hurting because they are missing one shooter/playmaker a lot and have to play bembry/Carter way too much. I think that the bucks are the only one who have the personnel even to dream about it

  21. Lol.. I'm watching the feed with home commentary. And they didn't know how to react. It was a mixture of shock, and disappointment to what had happened.

  22. ''He got too excited after making a basket'' the warriors commentators had me laughing

  23. It's time to be seriously concerned for James Harden

  24. He apparently loves playing the Bucks for some reason

  25. That reason is called their drop coverage. Don't know if they are playing it in this game (not watching) but last season Trae abused that a lot.

  26. Garland and Suggs over Maxey? Yeah right.

  27. I love maxey so much but Garland is better. way I would take him ahead of Maxey.

  28. What makes Garland better? Just curious

  29. Garland's shot is so pure. He has shot like 60% from midrange this season (He takes 70% of his two pointers from the midrange) and over 40% from three.

  30. Yeah that's it haha. But his father definitely was not just a defender. He was a good scorer as well!

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