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  1. Same thing here. I put mine on link clicks since I cant do conversions and I did my pixel and verified my website too. Idk what to do. And how am I supposed to achieve 25 conversions if I cant even pick that in the first place😕

  2. Figured it out. Go on events manager and add conversions as an event there

  3. Never seen this before. By 25 conversions in the week does it mean purchases through Facebook, landing page views through Facebook etc etc? Thanks

  4. I understand and like your principles, but that is not a high converting page. Still building pages using shopify themes in 2021 is a yikes. Half the real estate on desktop gone just like that.

  5. Well not really. If you have the capital to subsidise the payment then it will massively increase your CVR and therefore rev and profit

  6. Yea 50$ man.. not bad at all. I rather just spend 40 extra dollars on the real shorts versus shipping counterfeit nike shorts with the possibility of getting seized.

  7. Might aswell just get off this sub then with that mindset lmao

  8. Having trust badges under an ecommerce store has literally been proven to increase CVR (source:LPG who run hundreds of projects per month)

  9. If you ain’t gonna commit 3+ hours a day and stick to one business model, quit while your ahead

  10. Don’t target industry standard high CPM interests. Go outta the box

  11. Make an ABO campaign and test every single LLA event % pairing with your winning creatives. Then once you’ve seen which ones are winners, put them in a ‘super LLA CBO’

  12. That makes sanse,well my top performing contries are Usa and Australia..should i make them together in one Ad set per % or separate them?

  13. Make a separate ABO campaign for each event (purchase, 95% VV, IC etc etc) to keep it organised and find the winners. Don’t assume anything, test everything.

  14. Wierd guy copying @HARRYYYYY on stocktwits’ pictures😂😂😂

  15. Yes, that’s exactly what customers want! A store that clearly only cares about getting a purchase, I disagree with you here, if a store is only designed to get purchases and doesn’t put effort into looking like a trust worthy brand then it’s gonna be deemed sketchy

  16. Making the sales process quick and easy is what converts well, focusing only on the sale comes across desperate- though I doubt you even run shopify stores or at least haven’t made any significant money in it. You honestly think that everyone who buys is literally just impulsively clicking the link then clicking buy without thinking about who they’re buying from etc.? Guess I’m just delusional for not agreeing with the “get rich quick” bullshit and understand that a trust worthy brand is necessary to actually make sales

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