1. Hey check your adset real quick do you have the new update about the lla expansion option being enabled by default and detailed targeting too?

  2. Of course there is. You will get lower cpm's and hopefully achieve your goals (whatever they are) for less. You might track that in relevance and engagment scores.

  3. Hey thanks for your reply, I have really always struggled with AMAZING creatives and I think now more than ever creatives are super important. I’m really hoping we can push some conversions from the new video! Thanks for replying :)

  4. Just wanted to note that you risk getting the account restricted every time you put out a new creative. So although it most likely is true that creatives are now more important than ever, you do risk losing everything for most likely absolutely no reason when setting up new ads.

  5. What was the reason behind them banning the ad in the first place?

  6. What was your goal with paying? Did you get any ROI besides followers? Was it doing anything good for you at any point? Just curious.

  7. The advertising campaigns are purchase campaigns with a 2x+ roas. Our campaigns do their job well and I am very experienced in media buying and PPC. I’m just interested in how I can make sure to keep followers from those campaigns engaged organically

  8. Okay and what are your promoted posts vs organic ones? (Type of content). What’s your call to action for them to follow in your promoted posts? I’d say content-wise they aren’t satisfied with your organic posts but just from a comment it’s hard to say why. Typically your post is shown to more people if it gets good engagement in the beginning.

  9. Our promoted content is very similar in aesthetic to our organic content. We also use a lot of UGC from our customers for our feed. We have no call to action in our promoted content to follow it’s all directed to the website. Is there any hacks to tap into our current followers?

  10. I recently started an online women's clothing store and I am using dropshipping to get products. I already have website built and have been marketing ads through Facebook and google but have been getting little traffic. By recently I mean like 2 weeks ago. Do you have any tips for growing traffic to the site?

  11. What does your ad budget look like and how many impressions and conversions have you had past 7 days?

  12. Much obliged for your answer! Although, if possible, would you please share which youtubers are good for business advice. Also, if you participated, which courses were really worth it. Agaiin, thank you and godspeed!

  13. Thank you very much! I never took any courses unfortunately. And I also have never purchased any of the guru courses. I am not against them i just feel like as I came up with questions i would just do a quick google search or YouTube as i go! I do know the foundr magazine and Greta Van Riel has some awesome content

  14. Would you say to start right away with a paid shopify theme or go free first? What is your favorite theme?

  15. No need to pay for a theme! I like any of the themes i like to use Brooklyn! If you are really new to coding and design i highly reccomend Downloading the Shopify app shogun it literally lets you design drag and drop pages. I think outsourcing is GREAT! I always use freelancers to get the correct jobs done. It won’t hurt you at all to have a professional do some things for you! Also more profits better i like to see at least a60% margin.

  16. Sorry for maybe dumb question, but what is 2-3% engagement? Also, paying the influencer 300$ -1K is for one shout out post with my store handle/website and product pic? How much in return is expect a good return, as to know which influencer to stick with

  17. Not a dumb question at all! Engagement rate is the percentage of followers who engage with a post either liking or commenting. It is a way for us to gauge who real influencers are and who may be buying their followers. A good return honestly just depends on what your selling the first obvious inclination is if you made enough to cover the cost of the influencer. But I like to see a 3-5x return over the course of the post a lot of times i work out a deal with the influencer to make several posts over the course of a couple days to really push those sales!

  18. No worries at all.. i moved the sold out product to the end. Going to printer to get last theme printed ;)

  19. Thanks, the only product that sold out was Anything that you want theme.. i only got 5 of those and gave them away to the local school my child goes too. Everything else is still in stock, are you seeing that on other themes?

  20. I apologize, for some reason the only product the showed was the sold out one. And then off of that page i was able to see other products below the product image

  21. Yeah you should be fine with a tax ID (ein) and a resale permit. Also when i sell my products wholesale we have vetting questions to ensure someone has a clear plan to sell the product and not just sell on eBay or such. You really shouldn’t need an llc formation.

  22. Honestly you can start just about any business with little funds just find a way to start very small. Creating small amounts of product and sell to friends or in small outlets and snowball from there! Take the thing your most passionate about and make it happen one way or another you will be able to do it

  23. I say try and find an email address most influencers have some sort of representation or a website listing their email because making money promoting products is part of the job...

  24. Thanks I hadn't given it too much thought. I'll have to look more into it because I don't know the ins and outs of it. I'd like to still sell it under my brand name but maybe it's possible to do both?

  25. Yes absoultely! Come at me with any questions I have been in the industry for years now and would love to point you in the right directions!

  26. Hi I'm new to this sub. I'm starting a bra business, and am trying to find a manufacturer to work with. I am hoping to find one in Bangladesh who can do smaller MOQs, as the smallest I've been able to find is 5000. Suggestions welcome!

  27. You maybe should start selling the bras via private label that way you can lower you now before you start actually manufacturing and grow from there. :) just a thought!

  28. Yes used it for 2 years before I had to graduate to chase for credit cards and lines of credit! For an online bank it is GREAT!

  29. I got approved for the Amex blue card with a 2k limit. I have a 800 score but first month of a new biz.

  30. Yeah I’ve heard that the online lenders such as Kabbage and lendio actually legitimately securedSMALL business with PPP than the traditional ones

  31. I would suggest Independent trading company out of Los Angeles, i worked with them maybe 8 years ago and still wear the shirts we had done. I also noticed they supply for anti social social club. Really affordable and no mow from what I remember

  32. What about Shopify capital or something of that nature?

  33. We have successfully completed 3 of them they are a great service very pleased with them we are looking at other options for some major growth in 2020

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