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  1. You have no need to respond to any emergency. However of you do respond, your liability is based on what state you are in when the incident happens, different states have different good Samaritan laws.

  2. Arogonite is green like that under UV, if the glow lasts then that would be what I consider it

  3. The glow doesn’t last as far as I can tell

  4. Well that is still my guess, but im only like 60% that that is what it is. It is definitely a geode though

  5. You can still play minecraft all you want offline, the issue is the launcher, if you leave your instance of minecraft open from a time when you have wifi, you can play all you want. The game uses the launcher now so that you don't have to have the full game installed at all times. It sorta temporary downloads it using the Wi-Fi. Thats why most games use launchers now (for pc at least). But if your minecraft crashes or you close the tab, no more offline for you.

  6. File a bug report, odds are they will just give you 5000 gold, they are pretty good at doing it. Similar situations have happened to me twice, both times I was compensated

  7. Giana hasn’t changed in years, why are people wanting her nerfed lmao. She’s fine the way she is.

  8. Giana had her skill 3 cool down time extended this year. So she has changed. And is still usable. The only nerf they could do that wouldn't upset giana owners would probably be reduce s3 damage.

  9. Important to note, that this is footage from a concert he performed in Europe

  10. It does show that he has a habit of being a prick at his concerts.

  11. In general, in the United States. If you report a possible safety hazard, and they make you keep working, you are bit liable. If you get hurt without reporting it, you are at risk for being responsible for bulls because you could be found negligent. Injury that occurs during employment is always the employers issue unless a situation such as negligence is found.

  12. Let's say they've made it known and the responses have been "I feel for you" "the trucks are over filled but there's nothing we can". Would reporting it and such a response change anything?

  13. Just having a report of potentially dangerous situations on record will probably not change anything, however it will definitely make it easier for you to not be at any fault in case something happens.

  14. In this case probably not. However you may have a case if you get punished for not coming on due to dangerous conditions. If you were threatened with punitive actions of you didn't come in, you might have a case. However nothing criminal, just civil suits

  15. I would recommend adding a few more mana ramp options,gilded goose, maybe a few mana rocks. also I didn't see one, but command tower is in the format I believe. So that's an easy include.

  16. Yes especially when this stage is on 80 or 90 floor long time ago.

  17. I have been playing on and off since 2017 and I don't have the foggiest of memories of there being this stage. I just wanted to see if I was going crazy

  18. As long as they are traveling at a safe speed and in the appropriate lane. As in not violating any traffic codes, then this would be totally legal. However traffic codes vary by state, some even have laws against what types of bumper stickers you can have.

  19. I think you hit the nail on the head with what it is. Looks just like my samples from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

  20. No. In this case, that would be insurance fraud.

  21. You signed without reading, the option wasn't immediately given to you, but in any situation like that, you may request to read what you are signing and agreeing to. So yes they should hold up in court

  22. This would have formed as an intrusion of some sort. One of the stones was the bedrock and at one point the other seeped into a crack as magma and solidified next to it. Looking at it, the one that is black and white is most likely the intrusion, it appears igneous in nature

  23. It appears to be a slab of cutoffs and resin, a common practice for some rock shops is to take interesting but small cutoffs and make a larger rock out of them. That appears to be what this is

  24. Or you have a really nice slice of a natural conglomerate i honestly can't tell from the photo, but is say one of those 2 things

  25. It might be a geode. There is only one way to know for sure, you gotta break it open, with one that small, I recommend putting into a zip lock bag before you break it open

  26. Personally I wouldn't break it. I would cut it in half, or find someone that could cut it for you. A tile saw should suffice if you don't have access to better equipment.

  27. Breaking it is more fun, and when you crack a geode you allow the geode to break along it's weak spots, which is often away from any large crystal formations inside. A few tips for breaking smaller ones as to not shatter it completely would be to wrap it in a washcloth or paper towel, also you can tape the ends leaving only the part you want to break exposed.

  28. Petty theft,, possibly harassment as well. Or they could get fined with disturbing the peace if you are in a large city that hase those laws.

  29. First keep in mind that this isn't a place for actual legal advice, as most of us are not lawyers.

  30. Let it be known that as soon as the glitches were brought to the attention of Mr. Beast, refunds were offered to anyone who made any purchases of lives regardless of when or how you were knocked out. As there was no cost to enter this competition, and it was stated within the rules that there were surprises to come, I highly doubt that in this case there would be any legal chance of successful suing. Keep in mind that you could sue, probably wouldn't win.

  31. It doesn't matter if refunds were made because if it wasn't possible for someone to not pay and do it without the glitches the refunds are irrelevant.

  32. You were able to enter the contest with all 3 lives completely for free. You just had to spend some time playing the game before the competition started, or you could spend money. I think that is what you were getting at there.

  33. It's the correct wavelength, yes, but unfiltered. Any fluorescent response you might see would be drowned out by all the visible light that those types of bulbs also emit.

  34. Yes it definitely doesn't have a filter. Also not all florescent minerals need the same wavelengths. There are a large range of wavelengths that work the best for showing off those beautiful colors we all enjoy.

  35. It’s probably legal since home assesitats can fine people for there brush being a inch to tall

  36. Hone owner associations are contracts that you sign when you purchase the house, they are rules you have to live by, and they have rules on what rules they can set up. The question being asked has nothing to do with the legality of an HOA. It is the legality of a school policy

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