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  1. This and other battery related problems started happening to my pixel 4XL recently. Google has extended the warranty on the battery because of these problems, and I got mine fixed at uBreakiFix under warranty. Details here

  2. Appreciate that. Thinking of just holding out for the Pixel 6, but I might try that.

  3. always surprising how they manage to break the most basic functions for seemingly no reason at all.

  4. I got really excited when I saw some people saying the June update fixed it. I just updated my Pixel 4 XL and it still won't wirelessly charge.

  5. Mine doesn't with my Samsung Duo charger or my Pixel Stand. Unbelievable.

  6. Had this happen. I was using Trust Wallet trying to pancakeswap happy back to BNB. I tried to "Approve" but it would just spin and spin.

  7. My phone overheats after 10 minutes of 4K (Galaxy S10) my Canon M200 is sending out a warning and shuts off after 15. The Sony ZV-1 on high about 40 mins.

  8. That is impressive! That is with the camera temperature setting on "high" right?

  9. I doubt it's a scam. Intuit calls occasionally with different offers. Why didn't you ask Jasmine what she wanted with you? Perhaps she has a discount or promotion for you.

  10. I definitely should have asked, you're right. However, I have had multiple QBO accounts for over 2 years and never once received a call from them. That, coupled with the fact that their own support team told me they don't recognize the number has me pretty skeptical.

  11. I just got one of these calls last week and have only been a QBO customer for 3 months. Maybe itโ€™s a newer thing they are doing - but my call was someone asking me about the service and seeing if there was any input I had.

  12. That sounds extremely weird to me, but I'll take your word for it and appreciate the info.


  14. Email me your seed phrase I can restore it for you.

  15. Strange. I use Elementor Pro and Hello and never have any similar issues. Have you tried deactivating plugins to see if there is a conflict there?

  16. Honestly, I was worried to do so. I won't lose any page content by doing so?

  17. I would recommend a backup but I don't think deactivating usually deletes any content. It's just a way to see if the absence of a given plugin affects site behavior.

  18. If you're getting 70 minutes of continuous 4K footage recording on a ZV1, I really think you're more than getting your money's worth. There should be no disappointment. Consider up-leveling if you need more continuous 4K record time, just buy a second ZV1 because it's hard to beat on price v performance. I use one in 1080p 60 continuously as a webcam (going to a capture card) for 4, 8 even 10 hours on USB power. It keeps cranking.

  19. What do you think about a 4K camcorder? Would I get longer continuous shooting on that?

  20. Same with me. If I open and close my mouth a lot, or while I eat, my right will fall out.

  21. Anything physical, like lifting or running, it falls right out.

  22. I've been thinking of extending my wingtip with Sugru or something for the same reason. Interested to hear if anyone else has suggestions.

  23. Bummer. Even dbrand you can tell doctors their images. I don't even know what I'm looking at with the 3rd image on their site.

  24. No, sorry! I was saying in general dbrand's doctors their images (of phone skins) especially around the corners. You can never see seams in their images but I always can in my installs.

  25. I gotcha. I was thinking how did I miss that on dbrands site haha

  26. I have the Oh So Orange Pixel 4 XL so I want the Oh So Orange ones :)

  27. This build should easily handle the programs mentioned. Landed at $2994.02, including all the features requested, using parts currently in stock (though the stock inventory changes constantly due to COVID). Parts explained below:

  28. I hope this will help. I don't have a sd card reader so you have to buy one of those external one from amazon.

  29. They are cutting mine from about $14k to $7k. According to the letter, it's because I haven't been spending as much money on this card in the last 12 months. The funny thing is, I started using it more often in the past three or so months, plus we have a few automatic payments that go through on this card. We've been trying to pay down debt in the last year, and we paid off this card and have kept it paid off each month, but we definitely still use it. I'm worried that this is going to hurt my credit score.

  30. I just built a 4 person mobile setup and went with 4 Podmics and the H6. This is my first crack at audio production and we recorded a 2 person episode yesterday with the gain set around 6-7. I must need to up it a little because it's pretty quiet when I through it into Audacity to edit.

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