1. It's not a stupid question ! Do whatever makes you guys happy ! Selfies are fun :)

  2. The Douglas student center had a grand piano in the commuter lounge upstairs the last time I was there (about a year or 2 ago). I went there right after a rough day and relaxed on the couch and someone was playing such a nice song on the piano. It made me so happy. One of my favorite memories 🥰. Hopefully that piano is still there.

  3. You could also ask ru housing department if you can switch dorms and live with other roommates .

  4. Maybe you haven't found someone you vibe with yet that your age ! I really recommend keep trying . Starting with small things like asking people questions in class , or complimenting someone , or even asking someone to do homework with you. Maybe you could also talk to some upper class man too as well if you try out some clubs. if you really focus on just finding a good paying job you might find yourself very dissatisfied. Once you get that good paying job what do you do with the rest of your time ?

  5. Also wanted to add to my comment it's great you have career goals of finding a good paying job! having personal goals is good !

  6. Unless they have come out with a consumer portal, Alldata is aimed at professionals that are expected to know a fair amount of basic maintenance practices.

  7. Battery terminal cleaning won't be in the shop manual. That's something they expect you to know.

  8. Where can I learn the basics ? My car manual doesn't specify how to to clean battery terminal ! It just says what to use to clean it but I'm pretty sure there are some safety procedures like wear gloves/goggles and idk what else but since its a battery there are some other dangers

  9. Believe it or not the vin would tell me exactly what you have

  10. I thought it wasn't that safe to post a vin number ! What do I look for in the vin number ? Also when I looked up my vin number on toyota it didn't specify on the engine section if it was a r or y engine !

  11. i’ve seen some of the animals out and about in the pastures on the farms! i haven’t seen goats but i’ve seen cows and horses

  12. I remember going there in the summer and the goats were there . They are so cute. The younger ones would chase after me when I was running with a piece of grass! :) It was like heaven :) they are so innocent and kind ; I'm not sure if the RU goats get eaten but its sad goats/other animals get chopped up/eaten by humans :(

  13. You can! They sell the meat raised on the farm in the farm store every Friday.

  14. For a sec I thought we had a yearbook but I don't think we do . I think some people want it for the memories and also so the photo companies make money . Idk if it's mandatory though. Idk what else rutgers uses the photos for

  15. Do you know if we have to go the the senior portraits? I honestly rather not go and take my own pictures lol

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