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  1. I am sure we all want to resolve our problems peacefully, but unfortunately that's not the case with dealing with racist people because they just won't learn until consequences are big enough to affect them (aka negative reinforcement). So "saying nothing," "walking nonchalantly into your parents home,""waving at the stupid neighbors faces" and "flipping them off and closing the door" won't do much. Looking at your profile, I assume you are not a POC, which means most likely you have never encountered racists in your whole life. That means you probably have no experience dealing with racist poeple effectively. While its true that Lam could have overreacted (I personally don't think so), what other ways could he have resorted to for holding the racist poeple and police officers accountable than "posting the officers cards online" and being confrontional in general? How else could he have voiced out and gotten his side of justice while being treated badly?

  2. I agree . I’m glad Lam reacted that way so maybe the couple will think twice before they go calling the police on any minority. If Lam had been Black this encounter could have been fatal due to the police being involved.

  3. I’m not an international student but I signed! I’d love to help if you need it!

  4. If I have to hunt for an emoji, I probably won’t use one unless it’s meaningful or one of my recently used

  5. There is also the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (

  6. My bf playing with pokemon that only know 1 type of move...

  7. There’s a lot of pretty good resources if you’re just getting started and if you find the right advisor they will really try and keep you in the loop. I think the only slightly negative thing I heard was the incubator wasn’t as good as other in the Bay Area incubator (not a surprise though) or as helpful if you already have a pretty developed company. I think this is mostly because it is pretty new.

  8. Attendance is usually graded and there was a lot of annoying online homework when I took it.

  9. I thought 7C consumed just as much time as the rest of the series but I enjoyed it the most. It was honestly the only part of the series I had my shit together for, I just took really good notes for once. I'm not sure what you mean by one discussion lecture but I know I took 7A as a "flipped classroom". I don't remember a lot of it but I remember having to watch videos and the lecture being only a quiz with a clicker . 7B and 7C were the regular 1 lecture (with quiz) and two discussion labs a week.

  10. Rock as in Rock Hall that has big periodic Tables on its walls and Nasiri is a gen chem and OChem Prof

  11. Hi Im looking to visit Nooks and get rid of spare DIYs for free - i just want them off my island but selling them seems like a waste! if anyone has an open island I'd love to visit thanks

  12. I want visitors! I have a bunch of extra DIYs and some other items for free!

  13. Anyone have 5 or so cosmos they could give me (any colour but red and white)?

  14. cosmos are my native flower! I can bring you yellow, pink, and orange (only have one black myself). Do you want the flowers or the whole plant?

  15. Hi I have a couple of the items on your wishlist: high-end stereo, birth bath, clothesline, traditional tea set, and tea set (blue)!

  16. My Julian (horse/unicorn) also says “Walnut” :,) bc I taught it to Fillbert, a chipmunk villager.

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