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  1. Mine always die after 3-5 days since the iOS update. I’ve tried waiting to increase budget & I’ve tried increasing after 3 consecutive positive days & no matter what, they die.

  2. I feel your pain. At the beginning of the year I was pulling in 6-9x ROAS but since May I’ve been struggling to make a profit. I eventually turned all my ads off at the end of July then started fresh this month. August started with 4x ROAS (which felt so good to finally have ads work again) then after 6 days, ROAS went to 0 & I haven’t been able to get it back.

  3. After 2 months, I think Hyros is okay. It’s nice because it will tell you which sales come from which ad but my issue is that I have a lot of people see an ad then search my website rather than click & buy from the ad. So, even with Hyros, I still don’t know which ads are the best. It gives me a better & more accurate idea of how each ad is performing but I don’t know if it’s worth the price (for me). I also have tested the Facebook pixel against the Hyros pixel & so far the Facebook pixel out performs the Hyros pixel every time.

  4. By the way, when you say you have better attribution with the pixel, is it the conversion api or the normal pixel? And what are you promoting? E-commerce? Affiliate offers?

  5. I sell artwork, prints, clothing, books, etc. I use Shopify & have Conversions API set up. I’m going to test the Hyros pixel again soon but the last few times I’ve tried, it just burns budget.

  6. Horrible. I’m in e-commerce & went from a consistent ROAS of 6-9x to trying to break even. I ended up turning all my ads off for the end of this month because I’m just burning budget at this point. Hoping August will get better..

  7. I don’t trust anything Facebook says. I’ve noticed that my video ads get a lot of views, clicks & comments but few sales. Pictures get the same engagement but actually convert.

  8. Same here. I’ve been able to stay afloat since the iOS update but nothing comparable to before. However, for the last two weeks, I’m rarely seeing any sales & just burning budget.

  9. These errors keep popping up in different forms for me then randomly fixing themselves. I also tried reaching out to Facebook & programmers on Fiverr & couldn’t get any help with resolving the issue so I just ignore the errors & run my ads as usual.

  10. I’ve been trying TikTok & it’s a totally different world. You have to choose your bid & if your bid isn’t right, it doesn’t spend or it might spend for half an hour then never spend again. Hoping to find the right combination to get things rolling.

  11. I just ignored it. No one had any answers for the issue. My ads didn’t have any changes caused by this deduplication error

  12. Yea, I seen utubers claim tht 40-50$ adset with 20 bid is the best way to have your campaign spend but that's far from reality for me as I have to up the bid to 35-45$ for my campaign to spend which makes it very hard to be profitable! So yea idk as I'm confused Nd lost as well.

  13. For real! It’s like shooting in the dark there. My first Adset had a $10 bid but didnt spend so I launched three other Adsets. One with a $12 bid, another with a $15 bid & another with a $20 bid. All with the same Ad. The only one that started spending was the $15 bid. The $12 was rejected because the Ad doesn’t follow guidelines (even though it’s the same Ad as all the other Adsets). The others are just sitting on $0. We’ll see how the $15 bid Adset does.

  14. I think at least 100 conversions is recommended before switching over. I was feeling the same was as you until I switched over. I’m seeing better results now

  15. Okay sweet! I’ll give it a shot & start pushing conversions to it again. Did you set up your Aggregated Events the same with the Hyros pixel as you did before with the Facebook pixel?

  16. So FB pixel can handle up to 8 events while Hyros pixel can only handle purchases which is fine because that’s the most important thing. You should make sure it’s setup that way too in events manager

  17. Awesome! Thanks for the tips! I’ve tried asking Hyros customer service these questions but they just kept referring me to their installation tips that didn’t answer any questions so it’s nice to hear from someone else who’s actually implementing it

  18. Have you played around with Tiktok ads? Not nearly as advanced but they perform great. I just make 15 second selfie videos explaining my product and people seem to respond well. I did the same videos on Snapchat with barely any luck though.

  19. This is awesome! I’ve been wondering about TikTok ads since Facebook died. Gonna give them a try

  20. That’s right but the main problem is that I don’t use Pixel for retargeting! So in this case the iOS 14 update should not create me problems but when I simply try to boost a post It seems like nobody see my post :( I’m really really sad :( I moved from 5000-10000 like for each post to 500 like (with boost). I moved to 50000 reach people to 5000...

  21. I have this same issue & rarely do any retargeting on FB. The iOS update screwed up Facebook’s ability to find customers. It’s like FB used to be able to pinpoint customers & now they’re shooting in the dark.

  22. Not trying to shill because I haven’t even used them myself but i’ve heard good things about Hyros. DYOR of course

  23. I’ve been using Hyros & I am not impressed. They have accurate tracking so it’s nice to know what the ads are actually doing without Facebook giving you false data but other than that, I constantly think about getting a refund. It is insanely expensive just be able to see your data & I have not seen any bit of improved performance with their AI optimization. Also, their customer service basically feels like a second Facebook Help Desk.

  24. I've been researching Hyros, how much does it cost?

  25. I’m pretty sure they have pricing tiers that are based on how much your business does per month. I have a smaller business & it was $3,600 for a year.

  26. i took my best ad and ran broad targeting campaigns and it seems to be killing it right now! Everything else i tested just shit the bed. I just did $500 daily budget with a $100 bid cap target all epacket countries

  27. Perfect! I’m going to give this a try & see how it goes. Thank you!

  28. Apparently there is a lot of people struggling with iOS update. Myself included. I’m trying to deal with this data loss by excluding iOS users from my adsets. Also make sure to configure pixel events correctly.

  29. Have you noticed anything with excluding iOS users?

  30. Yes but is the quality of traffic better? That’s what I’d like to know

  31. When I create an audience based on my website’s visitors, it always says “Below 1000” at first. After waiting a few minutes to half an hour & refreshing, it populates the correct number. Same with FB & IG engagers. I’m sure you’ve already tried this but worth a shot if not!


  33. Does Facebook still block you if you invite too many people when doing it that way?

  34. When you said 'invite' does it mean that when someone liked or commented on your post, you click the 'invite' button or are you sending them a direct message?

  35. Let’s say you run an image ad & it gets 2k engagements (likes, hearts, cry faces, etc), you can click the like number & it will show you everyone who engaged with that ad. It’ll also say whether they’ve liked your page or not. If they haven’t already liked your page, it’ll say “Invite” next to their name. If you click “Invite”, it’ll send them a notification inviting them to like your page. It’s a great way to build your page’s audience but impossible to do because Facebook has so many weird rules on how often & how many you can do.

  36. No, your Pixel will definitely not downgrade. All data are stored, just as always. Your Ads however may not perform the same, once turned on again.

  37. Where were these when I was getting started?! I have a few followup questions:

  38. What you can try - Make a campaign with 2 adset and target android devices separately and ios separately.

  39. This may be a newbie question but how do I use a custom LAA & section out Android & Apple users?

  40. when u select manual placement then there is an option for devices mobile / computer then you can select the operating system also ... ALL THESE setting will be there in Adset Level

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