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  1. I made 115 k cdn $ last year. I'm a journeyman welder 50+$/ hr in b.c Canada, 15 yrs in welding for me but the 23 yr olds they just hired for the same hourly as me just got out of welding school and are making 50$ dollars an hour. Trades are the way to go for quick easy cheap training and high income ratio. You can literally do 7 months of schooling and make 100 k that year welding.

  2. From what you've seen, are you seeing this type of money just in welding or other trades as well? My husband has been a journeyman carpenter in Calgary for 2 years, and most jobs he's seeing are $26-$34/hr, and most on site and not in a warehouse. I have often heard how good the trades are, but for this specific one I'm having a hard time believing it.

  3. Oh I have this issue with my husband and his fast food/junk food habits. He can't stop at a gas station without getting snacks too. Drove me nuts, but what finally worked was having each of our "fun money" in cash. That's all you get for the month, so spend wisely, and it cut down his junk food consumption by about 80%.

  4. Is this only for those who pay by credit card (not direct debit)? I read all my mail but haven't gotten any letter from TD (likely due to horrific rural mail delivery thanks CP)

  5. It's for direct withdrawal too. It came on my renewal papers (starts June 1)

  6. Im a lawyer, but I don't do wills so I have no skin in this game. My advice: skip the DIY route and get a lawyer.

  7. Thank you, no doubt it'll be done properly by a lawyer.

  8. With a little basic sewing any bra could have an adjustable gore...

  9. Thanks, I'm actually looking more for ways to change the spacing for a bra that would be mass produced, so people have the ability to set it to their desired fit. But good to know for future adjustment if needed!

  10. Most people are going with fun stuff instead, but for me it’s paying for housecleaning. Totally unnecessary and feels like a waste but man, it is nice to have someone come in and do a great job cleaning the place once a month.

  11. I've thought about this a lot and as soon as I'm able to, I'll be hiring someone to clean. Also I'd like to hire someone to make some home made freezer meals 2-3x/week. The amount of time it would save me!

  12. I'm considering signing up, would someone want to send me a referral link? Thanks!

  13. Thank you very much for the info, it's been helpful. Canada and the US would be my target markets so it would likely just be those two necessary. Good to know the initial information I had was likely correct. I wanted to get some answers from others and poke holes in the idea to make sure it still floats before I start to spend money to pursue a patent(s) that may or may not be successful. Thank you!

  14. I would look for a freelance designer that specializes in underwire bras.

  15. A lot of companies I work with do not do design, but once you give them a file, they can move extremely fast to make your parts. Do You have a design? One of the companies I work with is veteran owned and they do a fantastic job on all apparel that I have designed. I can shoot you their info if you want.

  16. Thanks, yes I'd be interested. I have a preliminary design, but I need someone experienced with bras to make some changes. There are things like how to make the cups and size of underwire that need some professional input.

  17. Please, make smaller ones then you think are needed. Especially small straps

  18. Idea: Create a survey that compares bra size and breast shape. I think there may be some interesting information on how the two relate that could help create better-fitting bras!

  19. 30-40% of our business is online, we only charge for shipping to Canada. People don’t want to pay for shipping, it’s part of the cost of doing business.

  20. Funny you say that, because Canadians haaaaate that we always get gypped on shipping, even within the country. Apparently shipping in the US is quite cheap in comparison.

  21. I can ship a single trading card for .72¢ in the USA minus labor. I sold a DS game to Canada last week that costed me $11~, but the site I sell on charged them an extra $7 for me.

  22. That's nuts. Plus then there's the exchange... They probably aren't saving much at that point.

  23. I use this for my cat and my cat has mastered the style of pooping kinda like the cat in the picture. Maybe this will work for your percher?

  24. Thanks, could you tell me the title of the item so I can search for it? It's bringing me to the Petco page but it doesn't like that I'm in Canada so it's only showing the home page.

  25. Thanks! That's a different design. Though watch he would figure out it's way quicker just to perch over the hole! Haha.

  26. Did you send it EMS with tracking, or regular parcel? How much did it total? I found a postage calculator for EMS and for a package weighing 0.5 kg it said about $50 CAD, 1 kg wasn't much more at $61.

  27. Certainly reasonable compared to courier. Thanks for the info

  28. I find it interesting that every single post here pays more than what people on disability assistance receive even though they have more expenses.

  29. I agree, the amount for disability is peanuts. And if you work even at all, that amount is taken off dollar for dollar. There are many people on disability that I'm sure could probably work casual or possibly even a part-time position, but with rules being what they are, why would anyone choose to do that?

  30. OP, do you mind if I contact you with some questions as well?

  31. Can you please find a company in Canada to make your product. I always buy Canadian first, then US.

  32. I'll try and get a quote from a Canadian manufacturer, but so far it's not looking promising. I reached out to a few American manufacturers and the response so far (from those that I could actually get to respond) has been that they either aren't taking new orders or that it is not something they do. One specifically recommended going overseas because the quality is better and that domestically they really struggle to get the cups right.

  33. In Canada it's not national, since healthcare is run by the provinces. In Alberta, all your test results and files are attached to your health care number and can be looked up on Netcare by by doctor in the province. It does make life much easier. (Source: have a child who spent 7 months inpatient in 2 different hospitals, no problems with accessing results.)

  34. NTA. If he changed his number and didn't tell you, that's on him.

  35. I run a recycling business. I make about $3,200 a day. After payroll for 4 employees, and gas for vehicles, I'm about $10,000+ in profit per week if all goes well. Obviously things come up that need a mechanic or electrician, but other than that, it's pretty consistent. I usually make $40,000 - $60,000 per month.

  36. What type of recycling do you do? That's a pretty hefty profit!

  37. NTA. You're coming at this from the angle that you're paying for her to get the necessary education needed to have a well paying career. She's thinking you're going to pay for 4+ years of school for her to study whatever she'd like. If she wants to study that, fine, but I don't think it's unreasonable for her to pay her own way to pursue studies that won't lead to a career.

  38. Make sure to check with the municipality first to ensure this is allowed. Often you're not allowed to paint curbs

  39. Hi I'm new to this sub. I'm starting a bra business, and am trying to find a manufacturer to work with. I am hoping to find one in Bangladesh who can do smaller MOQs, as the smallest I've been able to find is 5000. Suggestions welcome!

  40. It's quite a unique design that I've never seen anyone else produce. I'm not against private labeling, though I have no idea where to start on that.

  41. Not an expert but as a fellow Canadian and having recently watched a lot of the Dragon's Den seasons - they cremate the businesses that come in overvalued. Being that you're pre-revenue and not launching for another 5 months, it's not to your valuation advantage. How much do you have in purchase orders? When is it being filmed? Will you have launched by then? Do you have any sort of equipment or inventory? What makes your business special from all the other cannabis businesses?

  42. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share the project I'm working on at work:

  43. From my quick 2 minute poke around, it's piqued my interest. Later this evening I'm going to look into this, thanks for sharing!

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