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When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. Humans are the most disgusting animal in the kingdom. They hate each other because they look different.

  2. Do you think maybe perhaps it's a little deeper than looks? Or is that why your Marxist professors and grade school teachers told you? Ever look at violent crime statistics? A certain group of people commit 50% of murder, 60% of armed robbery in america, and then you Gaslight it and claim it is all based off looks lol

  3. And why do you think is that? Certain communities have less access of lot of things.

  4. Fuck looks nasty. Wtf with all these leg tkos.

  5. Our cup finals are against Liverpool and we won one last season.

  6. I mean not winnig the title for a long time. Isnt it frustating?

  7. For me, football is about going the game and enjoying the experience. We don’t expect to win things so for example beating a big club or going far in a cup is a huge achievement. Our expectations are pretty low

  8. Yeah you may be right. As a foreign supporter, i mostly watch in tv and believe me losing sucks, maybe because i am missing the real energy of the game, which is in the stadium.

  9. Good times bring the worst out of people.

  10. Most of them don't want to integrate. They believe Turkey should be ruled with Islamic laws like their own countries where they fled from. They already started committing crimes, especially Afghans. Most Afghans that came here are 20-25 year old males who have never seen a woman without burka before. When they see women walking on the streets wearing whatever they want, they go mental and try to rape them, attack them and traumatize them. And they even think it's their right by Islamic laws because they are male and they are innately superior. They steal, rape, murder. Even Syrians and Afghans started having a go at each other. They are killing each other, in Turkey. I'm sorry for the innocents among them, but we can't look after all. We are not talking about 100k-200k refugees, which would already be too much for many western countries; but we are talking about 8-9 million refugees here.

  11. He only steals from us, don’t worry.

  12. There is nothing to steal from Barca anymore my friend.

  13. Budiy ki ek tang kabar main hay already bhilog.

  14. I hope you find a job brother. Too much free time is playing with your mind.

  15. Asha kori those mangoes are formalin mukto.

  16. I love Bangladesh but i hate the people.

  17. Damn we need India to ban these byju whitehat etc. All teaching must be done in the class. Enhance efficiency of govt schools.

  18. The problem is education itself. This so called education system creates educated stupids like me. There are millions of me with my kinda degree.

  19. Hitlers germany was technologically advanced nation. Modis india is a bunch of uneducated bhakts who thinks cowdung worth more than gold.

  20. Back in the days india was ahead of todays india.

  21. City go get another striker, we are not handing you a Treble

  22. I think tottenham should take the money and build a winning team like chelsea.

  23. For comparison, US gdp per capita is 60,000. Ten times that. China also has similar COL which is a serious problem for a poorer country.

  24. Luxembourg has gdp per capita of 131k us. What you point?

  25. Luxembourg is a city sized tax haven. The US has 330 million people and has a high gdp per capita rate. I can’t even believe someone can compare Luxembourg to any country unironically.

  26. 1.3 billion vs 330 million. You know what forget it. You are right.

  27. Most accelerators deal with pre-seed level startups

  28. Chelsea is keeping eye on every fucking player. Wtf

  29. Masvidal is the most overrated fighter i have ever seen.

  30. He got a lucky knock-out against Ben askren and now everytime he's on screen they replay that shit over and over and over

  31. Still no reason to berate someone in public setting a horrid example for her kid.

  32. Well if there are people, there will be conflicts. You are a creation of this cancel culture society. I fell pity for you.

  33. If you're garbage the world deserves to know. I pity you for thinking it's okay to train kids into becoming hateful members of society. You're obviously a sexist person. I hope women find you repulsive.

  34. Here you go, you are cancelling people. I still feel bad for you.

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