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  1. No reasonable officer would arrest this old timer for performing a citizen's arrest of an idiot violating traffic/safety and moral laws for likes.

  2. How does this constitute a citizen's arrest? You have zero clue, you just want the old guy to be right because dancing makes you uncomfortable.

  3. operating a motor vehicle in a public space without a driver in control of it makes me uncomfortible... what is wrong with all you all focusing on the dancing?

  4. a. How would a citizen's arrest remove that threat? Now suddenly there's no-one to stop that "death machine" as you call it somewhere else (a gross exaggeration given that it's at turtle pace in what looks like a very-low-traffic area).

  5. Is there any one platform to find it all 🤔

  6. Sounds like a bunch of bull. Like they're trying to tell us that this will be the next gold rush, like the internet domain land grab and you better be part of it from day 1.

  7. Certain factors favor risk-taking when you are young, and I'm going to talk about certain factors in a person's 20s specifically that favor entrepreneurship (because that's what in my opinion the quote is really about), but it transfers to investment as well:

  8. I think you are misunderstanding the meaning of "take bigger risks when you are young".

  9. I don't think that people mean index funds if they talk about risks, but I totally agree that it is a good idea to start investing at a young age.

  10. So you have neither the capital nor the skills to realise your idea, correct?

  11. I COULD have enough. I have the ability to save, I have friends and family that are wealthy enough to donate to a good idea.

  12. Everybody has a coffee machine at home, but NOBODY knows how to actually use them. So when you're down to skeleton staff you can't even make your own coffee.

  13. I wonder if he is a new dad though? Logan said Munion had been hanging around for Caroline for forty odd years, and isn't Kendall planning his 40th?

  14. Rest assured that if/when the pain gets too high, our government entities will step in and do whatever they can to provide relief to the people who are invested. If relief is not provided, the voters will find someone that will help them so the party can continue.

  15. Yeah, the dynamic is different now. In the old days, Fed guys like Bernanke, Volker, and Greenspan didn't give two shits listening to the equity markets and let them threw a tantrum with no bottom. Since then, doves like Yellen and Powell listened to what the markets wanted and vowed to pull all the stops necessary to save it. I'd imagine future Fed chairs will also be of the same character. It would be interesting to see in 20 years, the first millennial Fed chair who came of age in the meme stock era and what their policies would be. The younger generations have much more access to investing education with a greater appetite for taking risk in the stock market and will continue to propel it higher indefinitely.

  16. Your logic is sound, but the current administration seems very content to make enemies when they're on a mission.

  17. And so disgusting how quickly Roman swooped in as he saw a free teet on his dad's breast. These poor kids have really been taught to exploit each others weaknesses, especially when they fight over a resource as scarce as their dad's approval.

  18. Smart contract is fancy word for a stored procedure. It's not a business case.

  19. Anything that reduces business processes and thereby operational cost is a fantastic potential business case. But you don't have to understand it, that's ok to me.

  20. Lots of fancy words, but you are still missing the single valid business case where blockchain is a good choice.

  21. Look, the thing is that an answer to this question is fairly easy to google, so I doubt your curiosity is sincere - or maybe you're familiar with the answers but unsatisfied with them.

  22. I don't know a lot about your business but my first gut reaction recommendation would be for you to find a co-founder who does the marketing so you can focus on product. You'll need to focus 100% of your attention on that if you're going to go against the giants.

  23. These "friendly reminders" are always very unfriendly and passive-aggressive

  24. I have a different framework, but somehow related.

  25. A stock can be too expensive for me to buy more, but if I already own it and now it earns me a good amount of dividends I would not sell that stock.

  26. The suggestion is to ask yourself "if I had cash instead of these shares, would I buy them today?", not "do I have the cash to buy more?"

  27. Yes, I understand that. But if my answer to that question is "No." then it's still a decision between "Sell" and "Hold".

  28. This is completely ridiculous. "How can we make people see that a person has a z flip phone, too much money and nowhere to put either?"

  29. I play it every other day, they keep it fun and add new stuff every few months. I won £25 awhile back. Definitely worth checking out.

  30. Buying Tesla last month would’ve net you a 50% increase. Hard to argue with those gains.

  31. very kewl, and here's a list of the 73 other companies with 50% gains and more last month:

  32. You picked a bunch of no names and small caps, you probably don’t even know what half of them do. Tesla is a large cap position in the S&P. My point is well established brands already exist and provide good returns. I don’t know why people are in a value subreddit asking for growth returns.

  33. This guy is going to end up killing some Liberals and it's going to be the Liberals' fault because they made him kill them so that they can say that he's violent.

  34. He's also the only one who actually acknowledged the severity of the crimes when they're all reading the news article at Argestes. Everyone else is trying to minimize it and concoct PR while he's the only one who says "this is not okay."

  35. Yes but his comment was in regard to its effect on the company. As in, "this is bad for us".

  36. Fake. UK has no gas right now, nobody would just throw that liquid gold away like that.

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