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  1. Mmmmmm are you talking about the different rail thingy's it comes with? I'm pretty sure I just used the one that was already on the light. I don't think I ever switched anything out

  2. To my knowledge, an asymmetric load (which your building might be) wouldn't cause those results, unless your building is feeding power back into the grid. EDIT: (even that would be at a maximum ~8ms difference between positive zero-crossings, right?)

  3. Yes! I’m finding the voltage crossing first, and then the current crossing. This did occur to me, that maybe the current is happening before the voltage, but even then I didn’t thinking it would be 16mS. It just seemed too convenient.

  4. So if you're measuring 16ms, that means current is leading by ~0.667ms, which is totally believable. And you're right that the power can change between leading and lagging current. Current might be ordinarily leading by a little bit, then you fire up some motors and it could start lagging. And sometimes it might be very close to in-phase.

  5. Sorry for the late response, but if the current is leading by ~0.667mS I'm gonna be pissed haha.

  6. I guess I’m confused. The device on the right appears to be a pvs14, but what is the longer tube device on the left?

  7. The longer tube is the thermal device.

  8. What brand thermal device is that? Never seen it before

  9. Didn’t know I had the option to not contribute

  10. An HSA is the best retirement vehicle available and you should use it before any other retirement account (apart from 401k to match)

  11. You just blew my mind. I will continue to learn more about using it for that, thanks!

  12. This. Nothing to worry about OP unless you have a shell or a tonneau cover.

  13. It’s insane how often these types of questions get asked here jfc

  14. I mean….”audio engineering”. It’s a valid assumption that I might get some useful info out of you guys ;)

  15. Soft materials in a space reduce reverberation. This is called acoustic treatment. But this does very little to reduce sound leakage.

  16. You are fooling yourself. You will be able to only partially minimize the noise. After that they will hate you. A townhouse was never designed for shop type noise activity to be palatable to any neighbors. Never.

  17. ........I'm fooling myself? I'm asking if what I want to do is even possible. How is that fooling myself.

  18. Completely custom/homemade design. I used to make a lot of holsters for myself and friends. The design process is pretty ugly

  19. Was the duct tape just for holding the pvc pipe to the gun? It didn't leave a bunch of nasty residue when you took it off?

  20. FPGAs don't work like that. You can only call one top level FPGA bitfile at a time.

  21. Roger that. I'll try putting the analog inputs from both modules all into 1 single loop in my FPGA vi :)

  22. You can only have a single bitfile loaded to an fpga at once the assumption here is that each vi is being built into it's own bitfile and having it's own build spec created.

  23. Thank you! That makes sense. I didn't realize the FPGA could only have 1 bitfile.

  24. You have not started the module. Check the help file for the module specific FPGA Interface

  25. YUP. That was it. Thank you very much

  26. Ah. I was wondering what the heck the start and stop was. Didn't have to do anything special like that with the scan engine so I left it alone. I'll try it out thanks!

  27. I've been saying it. I'm not much for hoodoovoodoo wavelength energy shit, but all the craziness of the world I think has messed with people's energies. Dating used to be so easy before, no problems getting dates. Most people were excited to meet each other it seemed, acted interested, etc. Now it's just.....different.

  28. I'm curious, are we supposed to pick up our brass? I'll be honest, in the past I've always just left it there. I never felt bad about it, especially since I've seen old guys going around picking up the brass they want from others for reloading or something. I'm sure they love the free for all.

  29. Use just a brush and no tape… takes practice to get a good line, but those corners are not perfect anyways. So tape lines will look out of place regardless.

  30. Well, that sounds crazy to me but I’ll give it a shot! I suppose if I need to I can go back with a small art paint brush and make any touch ups

  31. Main things with newer cameras are primarily features and most are primarily of benefit to working professionals.

  32. I thought my current lenses (the 50mm and the sigma 18-35mm) would still work on a full frame? I’m pretty sure the sigma has vignetting from 18-20, but 21-35 should still be useable no?

  33. You're there, timed loops. The best you can get with software running on a CPU.

  34. Awesome, thank you. I bought the FPGA module yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to get more accurate RMS values and data overall from here on out.

  35. It still looks like you should be sampling faster. What frequency of sine wave are you trying to read?

  36. Just 60hz. What do you mean I should still be sampling faster? Based on the code I posted? Probably, but that’s ok right? Since it got better after I changed the loop to a timed loop.

  37. A harbor freight Bauer portable bandsaw and a table (I use a Swag) is probably the only way you could reliably cut steel under $300 I think. The downside is the saw is LOUD and the build quality is ok but not great.

  38. Is it just the Bauer? Or would the Milwaukee for example be just as loud with the swag table?

  39. Shoot. Do you have any recommendations for something quieter? I live in a townhome and I don’t wanna piss off my neighbors 😂

  40. Are they painted white, or are they white from the sheet rock?

  41. There's an "Unwrap Phase" VI for that

  42. Ok thank you I’ll look into that one

  43. You're unprofessionally hostile to a professional who was concerned for the safety of an unlettered anonymous Internet person. I say good day to you.

  44. You were extremely condescending, and assumptive. Maybe drop the attitude next time

  45. heat sink sockets. I think Thor Labs has them however they are alway pricy. Also, all of the laser diodes i have used, not many, also required a pulsed driver. True that you should be careful with any of this stuff however without the beam collimated and focused it’s likely not super dangerous. Either way make sure you read the data sheet and understand the safety precautions before you start playing around.

  46. Yes, I am well aware of the safety precautions, thanks! I will look into the heat sink sockets

  47. I mean…not to be knit picky but this isn’t exactly the most conclusive test I’ve ever seen lol. Should’ve done other scenarios, different lighting, outside, IR lights shining on it, etc

  48. This is the method I would use, but maybe I need to invert the array:

  49. This was the only way I could figure out how to reverse it......

  50. I would not put the reversed array back into the shift register, just reverse the output to the thing you need (if required). But maybe first check if it works without reversal.

  51. It seemed to be running backwards.

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