1. I would love to get some feedback on my website:

  2. I have been working at several companies struggling with EDI integrations, don't underestimate the task, every company has their small differences, so even though there are standards to follow, there will always be a lot of exceptions, and those exceptions are expensive.

  3. What should i use as a criteria for evaluating vendors for this use. I know very little so i want to make sure that i hire right people.

  4. We do this. Depending if you're planning on hiring locally/regionally or using someone offshore. If locally expect 5-10k but if you have knowledge and can setup a safe place for offshore guy to setup it could be under $1000. Depends a lot on actual EDI and how much formatting is involved or just need some middleware to integrate 2 API's.

  5. I developed a game for visual learners and got a race review from optometrist who works on Gifted learners!

  6. Your ads will be more effective if you now geo target to boston or new york

  7. I’m a cheapskate, so take my feedback with that in mind... I do feel like the prices are too high. The few card games that I’ve purchased were $5-$7 and those had 100+ cards in them. You’re essentially charging more than $1 per card for the main gameplay cards.

  8. Educators and parents focusing on kids falling in Gifted and Talented categories without sounding snobby.. I definitely agree that cards are not cheap, but they are developed with a elaborate design process. I bought a chewlery for my child for $25 and it was nothing more than a finger size piece of plastic.. my question is that for parents who are not “cheapstakes” will this product sell on the price that i have outlined. I am starting the patent process, perhaps that justifies it??

  9. Do you have videos of kids playing the games? Or a more clear explanation of them? I think that’s your biggest issue is that it’s not clear what they are or what they’re going to accomplish for your target audience.

  10. Hi There, i am working on getting a video, but the cost has been outrageous. I sunk all my budget getting product made in USA, but perhaps i can just have my child model :)

  11. Can you please elaborate on flaws :) , i am not an expert..

  12. Well the number of pages is very low (16 pages returned with and I don't see basic SEO optimizations like Title Tag. I don't see any backlinks.

  13. True no backlinks, dont know where or how to get them without dirty tactics

  14. Its ready, please have a second look!

  15. I will try to do a deeper dive later, but giving this a brief glance it is a thousand times better already, good job!

  16. I just launched a new store today, with 5 products. I dont have any budget for advertising, are there other ways i can sell. Its an educational product for gifted children..

  17. Best of luck in your new project, I congratulate you for taking the jump!

  18. Launched the product ( learning game ) for helping young children, that would teach them design thinking and numerous other disciplines .

  19. You would have to get the toys safety tested by a toy testing site if you haven't already. CPSC requires all kids toys be safety tested at a compliant lab. You can possibly make a website for the product too.

  20. These are just flash cards. Do you I still need these to be tested..

  21. Well , I can tell you that I have been writing content for several years and this is a fairly elaborate process. Feel free to check my blog at

  22. Can you send your website.. it really depends on number of hours !

  23. Dude If we were going with your logic Amazon would have been a penny stock .. which it is not.. so your logic is crappy at best!

  24. I visited JC penny headquarters 8 years ago implementing a software product, and found in 30 mins that place was full of old unwise political folks with agenda of their own. I never ran so fast from the place.. this has been coming a long time.. bad management lays bad foundation.. a little while ago I wrote a post

  25. Not you apparently.. but it’s a forum and everyone has a right to express!!

  26. Those who are trying to cut ties with China, please throw that iPhone out of your hands first!!

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