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  1. they keep mentioning nc4, but what is the drawback of nd5+?

  2. I don't think the knight would be very secure there. You can't support it with a pawn without giving up d4.

  3. I had a game yesterday. We were in the endgame. I had him totally beat. He messaged me "good game". Except, I wasn't sure how to convert my advantage into a checkmate. So I told him so. He walked me through it in the chat.

  4. Sometimes I feel like a dick when I make my friends play out the end game even if I notice they have a potential check mate against me. On the one hand, they've gotta be able to prove they can actually win from there. On the other hand, if I know I've lost, I shouldn't be in that position to begin with.

  5. I don't mind people making me finish it. How else will I learn? And what's the worse that happens? I blunder and lose one more match?

  6. This is honestly the worst commentary I've heard in a long time.

  7. I think it's better than the last one .

  8. The Butcher of Barrie takes out 2 CBJ's

  9. Lol. Of course you have to call me out on the spelling. I mean, it was a mouse slip.... I mean, it was autocorrect.

  10. I will personally watch Caruana commentating but maybe he will not be very accessible to beginners so you can try chess24, they have very beginner-friendly commentary

  11. Sounds good. Thanks. On what platform/stream will Caruana be doing the commentating?

  12. Nope. Just have a feeling, sort of a spider sense that guides me to a move or two and then I begin calculating to see if the resulting positions are good for me. If none of the moves in my intuition are any good then I start scanning for weaknesses or for solid alternatives

  13. I'm predicting either the Jets or the Oilers score a goal in the third period...

  14. It's the same people who yell SHOOOOT at the games and have no clue what's really happening lol

  15. Going through some saved pastas and I miss Plow so much :(

  16. I was just thinking to myself "self, why didn't you save some of those pastas for easier access during GDT's"

  17. Everyone else has given some good advice so I’ll add something different. Every time your opponent moves a knight look at the potential squares that knight can land on from its new position.

  18. This is probably the best advice.

  19. Everything about this game is absolutely terrible. I hate it, but it's like watching a car crash, I can't stop watching. I feel like I will be a lesser person for witnessing this

  20. Want to knife fight over it and live up to each of our city's reputations? Jkjk

  21. I would but... um... I.... umm.. have to do my hair.

  22. I'm way below your level but love the KID. IM Robert Ramirez has a few youtube videos on it.

  23. Is there a player on the Kings called Nicetoseeya? I'm sure that what the announcer is saying.


  25. We're falling apart here...

  26. Another game, another 47 instances of me asking why TSN doesn't have plosive filters in the mics and why they don't ask Sawyer to move the mic away from his mouth...."Neal PPPPPHHionk makes a great PPPPPPHHlay on the PPPPPHHuck and maintains PPPPPPPHosession"

  27. Why did you have to point this out? Now it's all I hear.

  28. Stastny's biggest stick.

  29. Sweet hands of Kyle Connor

  30. Nice choking... up on... the shaft by Adam Lowry.

  31. I believe you mean the zodiac killer

  32. ICYMI: Helle's partner likely gave birth to their baby.

  33. TIL: ICYMI = in case you missed it.

  34. Am I the only one that thinks the NHLPA should have a department looking after this kind of thing?

  35. Anaheim is looking way better this year. Fast, urgency, effort.

  36. What’s more unbearable to watch: The Jets’ PK or the sportsnet now live stream I’m watching the game on?

  37. Sportsnet hands down. Our PK lasts at most 2 minutes at a time. The broadcast lasts all effin game.

  38. If there are no asbestos concerns. Just smash it up with a sledge hammer. That’s how I got my old boiler out of the basement. ( circa1934 ) And that thing was a tank! Broke it into pieces I could manage took to the recycling place on Logan. $ 60 beans

  39. If you took your boiler out circa 1934, we can assume you were at minimum 20 years old. That would make you 107. Pretty amazing that you're on Redditt.

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