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  1. I was offered this about a year ago. Was very glitchy at that point and I could not get any support. Hopefully it works well for you!

  2. I mean you are still free to not get vaccinated, but you pay for the consequences lol.

  3. Let’s significantly tax fat people. Old people too. Use your head man.

  4. Update on this. I called them again today as directed. I explained the situation again and and got transferred 5 times and then hung up on. I then called again and got transferred 3 times.

  5. OK so what has Amex said? Have you called and escalated the issue?

  6. They told me I could apply for new cards. When I said that was stupid, they told me to call back after the holidays

  7. You are not wrong. They need to include this. It makes me want to basically use the bots to trade since it at least shows a P & L. I’ve resorted to my own excel spreadsheets lol

  8. Exactly my thoughts as well!

  9. Probably not the answer you want but get square or stripe and take credit card payments. Fees are around 3% and 3 days to get your money

  10. Stripe can freeze your money as well. They made us wait 6 months to cash out $200k at one point.

  11. i played him today 3 games in a row he's so shit at cheating but the aimbot is so poweerful

  12. I use my credit card, but just to get points on the investment it wasn't money I didn't have

  13. Don’t they treat it as a cash withdrawal though and award no points for this?

  14. There is nothing you can do. The same happened to us recently. Even with VIP support after spending over $1 million this year, they could only apologize and recommend getting a new FB account. They straight up told us that when the AI makes a final decision, there is nothing they can do. Disgusting company really.

  15. I'm thinking of that, just don't want to rush. I sent a message on Support, waiting for their response. I will try reaching them for few days.

  16. Do you even have the option to just create a new ad account? In our case the restriction made it so that is not even an option for us. The FB support reps that we were eventually able to speak with over the phone suggested we attempt to circumvent by creating new FB accounts. This is after over $1 million in spend this year. They could only apologize for the way FB does business and suggest we circumvent their systems lol. It’s a complete shit show.

  17. Use business manager to create a new ad account. Raise a ticket for this disabled ad account. They'll solve the issue or the least they can do is give you a proper explanation.

  18. They won’t give you a proper explanation lol. They will only be able to guess why the AI banned you. Multiple support reps could only apologize to us. They said when the AI makes a decision, there is nothing they can do about it lol.

  19. Just chargeback it. You will regret not doing a chargeback later when Facebook disables your ad account for something else.

  20. Switch to 12% slippage :)

  21. Reddit admins aren't really approachable, considering the big user base they have I can understand, but it makes it frustrating to get some issues resolved. Even moderators don't really have any direct lines with 'upstairs'.

  22. This is normal. Try to not take it personal. You’re seeing firsthand how terrible of a company FB really is.

  23. They are designed to work together :)

  24. As an e-commerce merchant that has done over 2.5 million in online sales this year, CITI bank customer disputes have been the absolute worst to deal with. We have lost thousands this year due to CITI bank incompetence. We have even been in contact with executives from CITI bank who have straight up lied to us about cases and then ghosted.

  25. I think you might be mixing up registering for HST and registering a business. Are you registered as a corporation or just working under your own name?

  26. Working under my own name but Facebook requires me to submit business docs to verify my business page.

  27. I could be wrong, but I think they want you to be a registered business in order to verify. We incorporated for this reason.

  28. Mine is dying after 24 hours. 48 hours if I’m lucky. Getting very frustrating. Spending $2-$5k a day currently.

  29. I am confused about what you are trying to accomplish with the traffic?

  30. First i want people to get to know my brand then try to sell my stuff

  31. I am guessing you most likely don’t have the budget required to use this sort of strategy effectively. I’d just go right for purchase conversion objective. Then retarget users who don’t purchase.

  32. Sell to straight up stupid people. Rely on FB machine learning to get better and better at finding said stupid people over time. Work out special arrangement with Ali supplier for faster shipping times once you have a decent relationship. 6-12 days is possible to US.

  33. No problem! Our UK supplier on Ali actually gets it there even faster. Within 7 days usually.

  34. I’m seeing the same, but last few weeks have at least become profitable again by using UTM tracking.

  35. I have always used Woocommerce and have never understood why any legitimate business would use a platform like Shopify. I’m old school I guess, I like to have full control.

  36. I got downvoted on another post for warning people that creating new ads can lead to this. All of the “pros” are telling people to test as much creative as possible now with the iOS changes. For regular people accounts, this is the type of thing you’re forced to deal with on Facebook. I’ll make a thousand changes to targeting before tweaking creative. Facebook is a mess.

  37. If I am not mistaken, making the slightest edit would sort of disrupt its learning algorithm. By the way, will customers see the UTM parameters in the URL of our landing page? (I’m also new to UTM parameters)

  38. Yes customers will see UTM parameters in your URL

  39. Is UTM something that is recommended in order to get better data? Also does it matter if the customers see the UTM parameters?

  40. With how bad FB’s current reporting is, UTM is the only thing that is helping me make informed scaling decisions.

  41. How expensive is your product? Some days I’ll spend $500 before the sales start to come in, other days I’ll start the day with 2 sales in $1 of ad spend.

  42. I think about this often and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I see a lot of people saying to not go there and not be “that guy” when discussing this stuff, but after you spend a million on FB in a year you start to see how much manipulation there clearly is with their results, how much power they actually have. Different accounts get different results. Creative fatigue? Turn it off and make the same ad again and watch the new identical one make instant sales. Do business even somewhat similar to the way FB conducts itself? Get penalized with a low page feedback score and watch them bill you to the breaking point for worse results.

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