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  1. I don’t understand why would I need Roon. I have Qobuz (and Spotify, and Amazon, and Pandora subscriptions). I have Sonos all over my house. Why would I need yet another service to aggregate it all. Please help me understand it. It’s a legitimate question; not a push back.

  2. This. From an Apple iOS device, you can AirPlay from the Qobuz app to a Sonos Five without the need to use the native sonos app. Click on the icon top right corner > Airplay & Bluetooth > Select your Sonos Five.

  3. If you are using it with cloud based email providers (e.g gmail) or connect via IMAP, you shouldn’t have to backup emails. Not an expert here, though.

  4. I am concerned with that but also I pay a low or no fee at Schwab Intelligent Portfolio and they do little for us

  5. I had Schwab Intel Portfolio many years ago. Have PC Wealth Managment service today. They are not comparable services at all.

  6. or it seems that the people who are bitter or disappointed in it or the ones who are outspoken the most about it

  7. I have been signed up for 2 years now and plan to keep with them.

  8. Same here. Client for a bit longer, and so far so good. Will definitely stay since I do believe I am getting value from them.

  9. For your security and protection, Ally Bank does this. You would not want anonymous hackers from overseas to hack your bank account, would you?

  10. What about legitimate customers who need to bank while they are traveling overseas? This policy is going against Internet general principles with the excuse of protecting customers…

  11. Have you tried using a VPN and selecting a server based in the US?

  12. Ally blocks VPNs. It’s annoying for those of us who use VPNs frequently.

  13. Ally is still paying .05% which I will bet is way more than your traditional savings still....but no , no issues moving the money,

  14. Oh it's an excellent service and I would continue to recommend it. It's just a little pricier, and when it was time to renew my annual subscription, I saw that this new good-looking service called Filen was handing out lifetime subscriptions, so I decided to make the switch. So the reason is money.

  15. Thanks. Will check it out. I just moved my subscription to Tresorit earlier this year and although pricier I am enjoying it. My workflow is better this way too. Will see about Filen out of curiosity. Cheers.

  16. Why did you leave I use them currently.

  17. I used Sync for many many years. Maybe 7? They are a good service and worked for me. But they built their service and stopped investing or innovating towards the regular user. See their app store history, and all it is only bug fixes for years…. Eventually my mobile phone app ended up broken where I couldn’t upload files via the share feature in IOS.

  18. I didn’t have any say in which bank account I got, so I was just wondering if there was a better option, since Chime has a high score on NerdWallet and I’ve heard good things about Ally.

  19. They are all good institutions, including Capital One. … the bottom line is which one works for you, and I discourage you from looking elsewhere, just because you didn’t chose it. The grass might not be greener on the other side.

  20. I can’t open a bank account by myself until I’m 18, and I don’t know if I like Capital One’s app since a teen account is pretty limited.

  21. Well, the day you turn 18, you can… There’s not much you can do before then.

  22. Interested as well. RemindMe! 3 days

  23. Is scrobbling still a thing? I am having flashbacks reading your comment…. Will have to go back and check out again and see whats new with them. Haven’t heard about them in ages.

  24. Simply amazing how well run the LibreOffice project is run. Great analysis.

  25. You’re going to get so many different answers. Probably most will tell you not to do it and don’t yourself and save the fees.

  26. Yep. They have nearly 50 job openings advertised on their page and boast over 300 employees. ProtonMail is not a small company by any stretch.

  27. This. FastMail was also founded in 1999(!). Not new at all.

  28. FastMail is under Australian law… which has been downright dystopian recently. Big red flag for a lot of people.

  29. I’ve heard that before and it’s part of the challenge with this concept of “bunkered privacy and secure” services. Australia is not Russia, or China, or a totalitarian country like Venezuela. It’s a reasonably first world country.

  30. How does it help Vivaldi to use DDG?

  31. Similar situation here. I just started moving it all to Fidelity and close the other two brokerage accounts. Just got tired of tracking so many. Fidelity makes it really easy to roll over and in-kind transfers. Totally painless.

  32. It’s been good for me so far. I can actually search!

  33. Pardon the ignorance but I’m intrigued: is it just a custom domain with the email and then you just use any apple native app like email, calendar, contacts, storage? That sounds promising…. I’m a Fastmail user to get all that from a paid provider, and maybe I just start paying a different provider.

  34. This. 100%. I guess it was good while it lasted. Best of luck to the forked team with the new site and sub.

  35. Yo, just to let you know, you aren't alone. I've got a Yeti X and a regular Yeti. Both have a good half second of delay before the sound actually processes. Very annoying. Hopefully it can get resolved in the future with a software update. I'm also using an M1 Mini, but unfortunately I don't have any other Apple silicon devices to test this on.

  36. I just got one, and was searching for this. Thats a huge issue, though. I may return it then.

  37. Were you able to solve it? I have a hypothesis that it might be the cable…. But the lag/delay with the video, on my brand new Mac Book Pro is very noticeable. I can’t believe that this is normal behavior.

  38. You can move your crypto out of blockfi without waiting?

  39. I don’t agree that a transfer out of Blockfi is instantaneous. I just moved all my ETH out of them to Gemini and took 2 days. I am waiting on my GUSD out to Gemini now, and got a message that because of the Labor day bank holiday, my transfer will process on Tuesday.

  40. You are allowed to have as many HSAs open as you want. There are a few options that you might have to workaround your current employer's HSA choice, with various pros and cons.

  41. Incredibly detailed and the exact explanation I was looking for. Thanks. My employer doesn’t allow direct contributions to a different HSA account. I could take a portion of after tax pay check, but I am not sure I want that. I am inclined to keep Twic as a “cash for the year account” for small healthcare expenses. Then every year roll it over to Fidelity HSA only to keep the money in Fidelity as investment. Do the direct rollover that you mentioned (unless it’s a $25 fee every year, and the indirect method might be better). Thanks again. Got more research to do now. In the right direction.

  42. I have Fidelity and it’s been a breeze to invest the unused money I and my employer add. I have yet to use it for medical soo take that for what it’s worth.

  43. I already use Fidelity, so this might be the best option. My current thought is roll-over my old employer moneys into a new Fidelity HSA that i use only for the investment piece. Then use my new employer for small healthcare payments.... roll-over into Fidelity once a year for investing....

  44. Always remember the company providing the HSA service for your employer is evil! They are, like financial advisors, akin to hardened criminals :P (-Bernstein)

  45. This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. I just switched jobs and my previous employer’s HSA bank program was great, while my new employer’s HSA bank is terrible (or I haven’t got used to them). The fact that I can open my own fee-less HSA account with Fidelity and then just rollover every year is a great find.

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