1. not a pro (at all) but they look great for me. where’d you get them?

  2. eBay, CheckCheck approved as well but just wanted some second opinions :)

  3. Been waiting to get these for a while, I want to unds today but wanted to make sure they’re good first

  4. Ya bro you’re right, matter fact. Lebron had shaq too, a top 5 center ever! Plus other Allstars in korver, Lewis, ilgauskas, wallace, mo Williams, Jameson! Man lebron is always stacking the deck, couldn’t even win with 38 year old shaq smh

  5. Use the same tracking code from DHL with Post Canada. Had mine ship to me about 2 weeks ago.

  6. I tried doing that but it says that there is no item associated with that tracking number.

  7. Contact DHL, they will give you the tracking number for Post Canada once the package has arrived in Canada

  8. Yeah so I did that and they told me no item has been shipped, they just created the label. They said the only information they have is that the label was created :/

  9. As I understood the first time, customer and project name are the same field, but are named different things in the two different reports.

  10. Perfect thank you! So in this case customer refers to the client name who receives our consulting services. Project refers to the same thing essentially except the naming is a little off. So the problem I’m running into right now in my table is that the worker, logged hours and customer are all fine but it doesn’t line up correctly with the project and projected hours. For example

  11. For sure, thank you so much! I need to figure a solution out in the meantime as I need to present an update to my manager but hopefully I can figure out a workaround for now.

  12. LaVine deserves the spot over booker easily

  13. If they had a healthy CP3, in that reality, the Cavs wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. I think Cedi was their #3 that year.

  14. I think the Cavs had a decent shot, Cedi wasn’t really a staple rotation player. They had a decent shot just because the Rockets as amazing as they were, were not as good defensively as the Warriors to shut down some of the role players. I also think Love is much more playable vs the Rockets than the Warriors.

  15. Got this as well but when I clicked the notification it just sent me to the main page. Not sure what to do now lol, maybe it was a mistake

  16. I’d be interested to see how many times LeBron has been 1 rebound or 1 assist off from a triple double lol

  17. I think he is going to empty the tank. He knows what third finals mvp means. In order to do that he’s gota play like the last game for this whole series. There is no series after this so he’s going to empty everything. He low key does want to beat them but he’s not saying it publicly.

  18. I’m leaning towards the Brim World Elite Card. Just a couple of questions here if you wouldn’t mind.

  19. The Brim card is a Canadian CC so they do the conversion internally and your bill is in Canadian dollars like any other Canadian credit card. You pay it off the same way you pay off any other credit card. There are no conversions when you pay the credit card bill

  20. I am a little worried about the requirements for the Brim World Elite MasterCard as I am still a student. If I am not eligible would your recommend just going with Stack?

  21. GGs guys! Insane series from the thunder (I'm a westbrook fan who moved to the rockets sub). Everyone said you were rebuilding but y'all just proved you're STILL contenders even with a bunch of rookies.

  22. First of all congratulations on approaching this milestone, it’s no small feat whatsoever, especially in an industry as competitive as streetwear. I’m running a business as well within the streetwear/sneaker/tech space, I have been experimenting with Facebook ads and it has been good so far. Just haven’t increased the amount invested in it substantially, just at around $300 a month and averaging a ROAS of about 6. Are there any resources that you can recommend or that have helped you do so well with it?

  23. my package got sent out monday from germany and it’s been on that update since wednesday, hopefully i don’t have to add up waiting as long as you and others did

  24. Not sure if they are still shipping with ocean freight but either way, I would expect around a month’s time.

  25. do you remember where you got that info that they’re shipping with freight? so i could check up on that for any updates

  26. Did you enter the raffle really early too?

  27. I feel like this is the exact opposite response a player in Dwight’s situation would want...

  28. Yeah, it’s really not impressive at all for a top scorer in NBA history to put up monster numbers with off-ball threats like Curry and Thompson. Is this a joke?

  29. Plus he had great playmakers who could set him up as well. For some reason people like to understate how much pressure is taken off a scorer when they have two all time great shooters on their team...

  30. Depending on the year, I think that at least one of Rockets, Clippers, Spurs, or Thunder might have been better than Lebron's finals team. But "nowhere close to being second best in the league" seems like an overstatement.

  31. I was referring to the 2018 Cavaliers team being nowhere close to being second best in the league. If you remember, many predicted them to not even make it past the second round, let alone the finals. That team was a dysfunctional mess. With regards to 2014, they lost to the spurs so yeah I’d say the spurs were better. I’d also say the heat were pretty much comfortable above every other team. 2017, the only team I’d consider even arguable are the spurs, and even then, it’s a stretch. The 2017 cavs were one of the best offensive teams in nba history

  32. His initial point had included the 2018 roster within that list. Furthermore both the 2014 Heat and 2017 Cavaliers were defending champions, naturally they were in the top two teams. For the 2017 Cavs, if not for the dominant anomaly of the KD warriors, they definitely would have been favourites as well. Regular season records don’t really mean much in this case, especially when discussing LeBron.

  33. Sorry, forgot to mention. Looking for the Varsity Blue colourway.

  34. Thoughts on this trade. 12 team h2h 9 CAT. Both teams are on the playoff bubble.

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