1. Damn. Well done. I remember making this exact model like a year ago. I first made it with A4 size paper(obviously cut into a square). After I finished I thought it looked small so I went ahead and bought chart paper and made it out of that. Made like a huge one. Like one and a half times the size of my palm. It had turned out great but there were little tears in the paper due to the paper being thick.

  2. Haha thanks. Yea this is my first time working with tant paper and its great. I does not tear easy and folds well! Thats super cool though lol, large dragons are always cool

  3. Hmm..looks like a turtle in a human form..

  4. Where do you live? A lot of bookstores carry origami paper. It's often the 6"/15cm variety, and usually patterned. Craft stores and even big box stores that have toys/books will carry inexpensive paper. If you're in the Amazon shipping world, they have lots of options that can be a good value when you get a pack of 100-500 sheets.

  5. Hey! I live in Central Jersey, around Freehold Township. Yea there are some big box stores that carry origami paper, but I find that paper to be a bit too thin. I also wanted something a little more premium feeling, thats nicer to fold because why not lol, I have been doing this for years. I ordered a pack of tant origami paper from amazon. I will also see if some local bookstores have some nice paper. Thanks!

  6. Hello! Its my fathers birthday in 2 weeks and we want to buy him a deadlifting belt. He is a big guy with a 46 inch waist (he used to be a lot bigger lol). Over the past year and a half he has been going to the gym and losing weight. He is into powerlifting so for his birthday we wanted to find a belt. I need a belt that can be shipped in 2 weeks, is high quality ($100-$200), is hole and prong style (I dont want to get him a lever or velcrow one, and will fit his waist. Any suggestions are appreciated thanks!

  7. Uncomfortable or just not your favorite tuning?

  8. Depending on what you're doing with it, I probably wouldn't upgrade the CPU at all, TBH. The 10400F is a pretty strong midrange performer right now, and getting something that will be a significant upgrade is going to require changing out more than you're probably ready to change.

  9. All I want from a new CPU is more FPS. I play mostly single player games and I want to be able to play the games at ultra graphics at a higher FPS. Are there cpus that are compatible with my mobo that would be an upgrade in that aspect?

  10. There’s a pair for that price on Headfi.

  11. a few things. most importantly, the sound is a bit cleaner than 7hz. more similar to the fdx01. they both have a silky smooth, very resolving cleanness. 7hz is super resolving, but in a less smooth way. this is borne out by graphs as well. 7hz is less even in the treble. amazingly, it still sounds very good. in fact, it almost has the best overall tonality, but on macro level. i.e. bass, mids, treble are perfectly balanced with each other, but at a micro level, each region is not as smooth and there is some bumpiness around 7-8k.

  12. So Im looking for a more colored iems, with a focus on upper mids for vocals and violins. I want something that has a sharp attack making percussion and plucks sound sharp and satisfying. Which one of the three do you think is the most aggressive and satisfying in the upper range, with a more rumble bass?

  13. best bass i kato by far. transients are also good, but i would say none of them are particularly aggressive, unless the song demands it. 7khz sounds more treble forward in a way. fdx might have the most treble aggressiveness and the bump at 4k give a harder quality but personally it's not a trait i would desire myself...

  14. Hey man, maybe try EQ before taking a loss by selling them or buying another pair! Crin did a video on his channel explaining EQ. Its breathed new life into my dusks and HD600s!

  15. Hey! Yea I got a pair of fdx1s bec they are free to return. Im gonna compare and see which of the intangibles I like better. A big problem for me with the dusks is the timbre and presentation.

  16. I am no audiophile and following what I heard, 7Hz Timeless seemed to be a very good pair of IEM. I have not tried them myself, but since they're planar they should be able to deliver some bass at least.

  17. Would you consider the regular Blessing 2?

  18. Hmm. I dont think so sorry. The fit of the b2d is not my favorite so I kinda want yo get away from it.

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