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  1. Obviously there's no black and white answer since every situation would be unique, but some ways I think about it:

  2. Yeah I didn't realize this was that much of a big deal to guys, especially tall guys

  3. Don't assume it matters to all guys. There are plenty of men who LOVE taller women and plenty who have zero height preferences.

  4. It seems to matter to most. Every guy I've talked to said they like short women and I'm too tall. Ironically most of them were tall guys

  5. Like I mentioned, it's possible some tall men have tall mothers and they equate women of certain heights with mom. Or they could just be young and insecure. Or it's just a personal preference.

  6. Any meat consumption isn’t really ethical tho.

  7. Ya I understand that. But acting like it’s anywhere approaching ethical from a climate standpoint is disingenuous.

  8. I agree with you, but unfortunately you're not going to sway the masses.

  9. At a neutral time, when you're both not having sex or in the mood, bring up the discussion again.

  10. Just make sure it's a journey together. He can learn how to cook too, there's no reason for you to replace his mommy.

  11. If you have one, try your local Co-Op! Ours has vegan & vegetarian holiday/celebratory roasts year round but they stock extra for holidays.

  12. I like doing a hummus with toast, scrambled eggs in a pita, or split pea soup for a super quick lunch if I'm rushed.

  13. You look great, your glasses look cute as heck, and your bathroom wall color is chef's kiss

  14. Since you completed it, can you tell me what porn literacy means?

  15. IDK if I want to shut him down. Given the choice, I would like to date him, but he's just so repressed and the only time I can get any emotion out of him is in the bedroom, so if this is just a FWB situation then I would prefer to shut it down, but if what he's saying is legit then I want him to keep talking.

  16. Yikes, he sounds like he'd be a nightmare as an actual relationship partner. "So repressed" is the absolute last thing I'd ever look for in someone I was considering an actual relationship with.

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