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  1. It's been over 10 years for me. You've got a super supportive community here. Stay strong. Rooting for you!

  2. Hey! I have $ in MJ ETF but concerned about much of it being held for tobacco producing products. Do you recommend other passively manged pot ETFs or index funds that would be better and more industry focused or am I best holding MJ? Thanks!

  3. From what I understand the test has to be 72 hours from your last leg of travel. So if you are taking a test it needs to be within 72 hours of the the layover flight, not the initial flight. Double check it though and there is a great Facebook page about Maui covid testing that was a great resource for me

  4. Thank you, that's what I thought. Thanks for the Maui covid testing FB page, I'll check it out!

  5. There never was real Mint integration, it was a very hack-y “solution” that was bound to fail.

  6. Intuit says they are trying to re-establish a connection with Apple Card but as of yet nothing has happened. My guess is that with Apple being tight with privacy that it probably would be more likely that they’d introduce their own Mint like service at WWDC and allow users to add their cards to it vs letting other companies get access to Apple Card info.

  7. I am on day one with them. Looks very very basic.... yet that seems to be exactly what I need. I am looking forward to test their Bill Pay (i.e. Comcast and Utilities), bank transfers, and use their Debit Card as Credit Card (with reservations and caution). We’ll see. Application process was ridiculously smooth. I remember spending an entire day at a Chase branch, to do something that took me 15 minutes tops....

  8. Yea I use it wish I wouldve known about it before dropping money to open an account with Wells Fargo just to open a business account. I got my card in the mail with them the other day. I recommend them to anyone starting a business so you dont gotta pay to have it. I wish they gave you the option to get paper checks (unfortunately sometimes the county and governments dont take cards believe it or not) but its all good aside from that. I got a referral code if you need it.

  9. Hi yes, happy to take a referral code! Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. I actually just opened an account with Azlo a few weeks ago. So far, I really like it. Obviously the no fees is a great selling point.

  11. No, it's your business. However I would think your reform rabbi would love you and support you for exactly who you are!

  12. I use Buzzsprout to host and distribute my podcasts. They have embedded code players

  13. Yep.. apparently they changed the adhesive and it's become a common problem for people to have a reaction now. As someone with sensitive skin who also extends their sensors, and has never had an issue before, I'm suddenly getting reactions before the 10 days is even up.

  14. I was wondering if they've changed the adhesive. We should complain to Dexcom so at least they can be aware. Yikes, it's horrible. Just started up with me too on this last batch.

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