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  1. Played the 2nd one for a bit but haven’t fallen for it yet. Should I just get the 3rd and play that?

  2. You always make such awesome land mass forms. Do you have a process or guideline that you follow or go with whatever you think looks nice?

  3. This is my first time really investing some time into Inkarnate and I've been utilizing a lot of tips from this subreddit, but some mid map creation tips would be helps.

  4. Looks great. Just nitpicking but from zoomed out the text is kinda difficult to read. Maybe it’s just me though!

  5. I wouldn’t think so completely. My idea was to have Oceanus suspicious of the Malenti but not fully aware. Maybe the Malenti has an oddly shaped tongue or something subtle.

  6. Beautiful. I’d love to have a pirate crew torment this town.

  7. Old School RuneScape is a massive grind, and an MMO that’s not P2W

  8. You can have the village take up a Lot more space in your map. In my experience, more detail is usually better for referencing.

  9. Good idea. There’s so much space the village could definitely be bigger

  10. I regret trading Mixon away for Najee. Steelers are a dumpster fire.

  11. When has anyone ever been a genius for drafting Fuller? Dude can’t stay healthy for more than two games

  12. I was asking because I’m interested in joining….jeez bro chilax

  13. Your experience will vastly differ depending on the branch you join and job within that branch and even then your experience will differ depending on the places you go and people you work for/with.

  14. I know a few people that really hated it and did everything in their power to get out early and a few that loved it and made the military their lives. I know everyone experiences are different but the reality is it won’t matter how i feel once i sign that contract because at that point I’m stuck. I just want a real visual of what to expect good and bad.

  15. I don’t know where you are in life, but I recommend doing all the research you can before joining. Think about the branch you want first. Then the job, try to learn everything about the job and expectations. Ask questions in the subreddits for a more realistic expectation. Then research how that job will help you when you get out of the military, but you will 100% get out wether it’s in 4 or 20 years.

  16. That was my biggest issue with it. I solved that by making a character from a player's backstory the head of the local Scarlet Brotherhood, and Skerrin his lieutenant.

  17. Holy shit this just helped me out so much. I planned on making the father of one of my players the leader of the SB so Skerrin being a lieutenant works so well.

  18. A lot of personalities that don't back down from a fight so they've gotten themselves in too deep. The question now is whether I throw them a life ring or just let them die

  19. Did they just show up and start swinging? Because the Lizardfolk don’t immediately attack unless provoked right?

  20. As the other commenter said Sly improved it by quite a bit.

  21. First week owning Najee… so this is what’s it like having a steeler 😤

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