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  1. Thank you so much! Sorry, that actually is the advice I’m looking for, I’m not too good with what I’m trying to say I suppose (hence the disorganized, unclear brand message and target audience). I appreciate the advice and I agree fully, thank you. Do you think having a similar theme across all pieces would looks better or just random how it is, but marketed more towards that type of assorted handmade “things”?

  2. Gotcha, so you will need to start thinking about your consumer and do market research. If I were to point you in a general direction, I'd say that your clothing products fit into "street wear," which at a cursory glance, has a lot of hand made items.

  3. Most things have been said here. I'll add one thing, if you are going to do tshirts your designs would work better as all over prints (

  4. Thank you for the advice, do you have any online course you would recommend?

  5. I had to look up the second point, because that is illegal to do in Canada and many, if not most, other countries. Australia and Germany even require double-opt in to legally send users campaigns. But yeah, apparently U.S CAN-SPAM "does not prohibit sending an initial commercial email, even in the absence of consent." That's wild.

  6. Yeah, I completely agree with everything that you have said, but I am mostly following the CAN-SPAM act because the only thing you need to do to be on the legal side of things is to include an unsubscribe link.

  7. If you're looking for print on demand, you might like Joe Robert. He has an active Facebook group as well. I just bought his "Success Blueprint" course for $37, and it's definitely enough to get you started in POD.

  8. Oh My Word, I did not expect someone to take the time to improve something of mine!

  9. My pleasure! I'm glad that you like it and thanks for the award!

  10. This is how people had fun before Snapchat. Those were simpler times.

  11. That's beautiful! Love the composition. Makes me want to buy a bigger tank with CO2.

  12. Yes we stated drop shipping and moved to an agent, made about 5k profit a month before changing to a different role within e-commerce. Drop shipping is possible but it’s kind of a lazy surface level of dtc ecommerce, in that it’s not a sustainable business model. It might be worth getting a job at a small team and learning how it’s done at a higher level before starting to build a whole business from scratch.

  13. Just curious, why isn't it a sustainable business model? What kind of model would you recommend?

  14. But then what were we watching? I was under the impression that the cartoon spanned several years. Also if it was symbolic, what did eating her child symbolize?

  15. When storyboarding this, they were probably looking for a way to resolve the fighting/escalation sequence. The dumpling could have just left, but they choose a more symbolic gesture of coping — she literally swallowed her feelings like she ate the take-out for two by herself.

  16. Whenever I look into this, I'm at the early early stages of doing my first game so I may be doing it wrong but, I get blurry edges and murky colours. How do you get around this?

  17. In Photoshop there are two ways - resizing the image or using the transformation tool. When you resize the image (Ctl-Alt-I), make sure that Resample is set to "Nearest Neighbor (Hard Edges)". Similarly, if you use the transformation tool (Ctl-T) on the layer you want to resize, the Tool Options Bar will appear and have an Interpolation dropdown box that can be set to Nearest Neighbour.

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