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  1. Wow that's a good deal, I would definitely go for the g9 at that price, good choice!

  2. Yup! Samsung had a black Friday deal plus I have a student discount. And I really thought about it... Maybe when things are different with GPU prices, I'll start to game a little on the side.

  3. Should be back to normal next year, I hear they might actually be oversupplied by then. Another discount :D

  4. I sorta want to assume this is a writing error or was miscommunicated. I tried for a few minutes trying to recreate this issue too with no luck. I think he just said something weird without verifying if that actually happened.

  5. Biological sciences or chemistry down a pre med track and trying to get into the honors college

  6. Well, the reason I updated the bios was because I added new dual channel memory and couldn't adjust the clock speed in the bios. I will give their support a call, but odds are on a system so old, I'll probably end up just taking a trip to best buy and getting something new. Super disappointed and never buying HP again. Fuck that.

  7. The rule of thumb is to not update the BIOS just because an update is available. You only update the BIOS if there is an issue on your PC or you installed a new hardware that requires that the BIOS be updated.

  8. You can use a Mac at the computer labs across campus, but unfortunately they don't allow installation of other programs besides what's already on there. All the CS specific lab machines run Ubuntu or CentOS Linux.

  9. Do you know if they have Xcode on them? Are there any specific places where there aren't many people?

  10. Yellow Lot on Livingston! There's so much space there, I don't think I've ever seen the Yellow or Green lot get filled entirely.

  11. Do you know how much it costs to park there? Do I need a pass?

  12. That weather project really seems to get everyone without much prior experience, huh.

  13. I purposefully didn't go to campus today because... I feel like it would be really chaotic and I have work to do, lol.

  14. You're right when it comes to complete strangers. You don't owe anyone anything other than basic human decency. Nobody should expect that you know what their triggers are, or for you to basically modify your whole existence just in case they're offended by something that's normal for you.

  15. I agree with you. If someone I know says, hey, that's a sour topic for me, can you not bring it up, I honestly don't care about being careful about it. Maybe OP and others are different, but it doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me to give a slight warning either. If it makes someone happy, then whatever. But yeah if total stranger says I triggered them and I didn't even know or whatever, I'm sorry, but it's not my problem.

  16. I'm a sophomore and have only made a few friends, but I totally understand the struggle. I see on Instagram my high school friends have made so many new friends and friend groups and I'm just sorta here existing. Granted, I haven't really gone out of my way to make new friends, so that's on me. I don't really like parties either, I don't drink. So, that's that.

  17. In my experience, turn on swim mode is a massive battery killer. In a recent update, it has gotten much better though. I think I could push it to two days, but I'd rather not try.

  18. I'm a sophomore, but I still have friends who don't come to campus and are exclusively online. Some friends who only come a few times a week too. Surprised you didn't see many people in the afternoon though. Friday afternoons have a ton of people...

  19. Audi RS3 looks like a really good option. Not sure how big it is though. It's not out yet, but will be soon. It's packing a lot of punch in it from the looks of it.

  20. Lol, I was wondering the same thing for the past few weeks! Thanks for asking. :)

  21. I know this was a long time ago, but how is the weight of the classic while working out?

  22. Not really sure what you mean by cosigner? Since I really only swim, I have no issues with the weight of the watch. I also walk a lot throughout the day, but most times, I don't even realize there's a watch on my wrist. Sorta just got used to it. It's not uncomfortable by any means while swimming or just throughout the day.

  23. As someone who commutes, I don't really like going home for personal reasons. I wish the libraries stayed open past 12. The bad thing about campus is that there is no place to stay and work at the late hours of night. It's either go to your dorm hall, or go home. So, I wish the libraries would stay open until at least 3ish or until the last buses of the night so you could get on the last bus of the night to where you need to go.

  24. is data 101 easy? like whats the difficulty of it vs intro or comp arch

  25. Well, I'd say it's harder than CS112, but easier than Comp Arch because there is a lot of new material you need to learn in Comp Arch which makes it really difficult.

  26. I wouldn't drop something just because it's hard, but you do whatever you want. You tell yourself there's more productive things you can do, but you'll probably end up binging Netflix or whatever lol. You have the most growth (growth/time ratio) when you're inside the pressure cooker.

  27. By more productive, I meant it'll give me time to focus on other classes, that being my CS classes. But after doing some math and stuff, there is only about a month and a half left in this semester. I've already made it this far, mine as well just finish it. An extra B+, maybe a B is better than a W in the long run, in my opinion.

  28. Soft. Meth. is quite hard to get into, so I wouldn't bet on that until senior year. In general, you are overloading your semesters with project heavy courses. Semester 6 is particularly crazy, though Comp Arch II is never offered, and you need Soft. Meth. for Soft. Eng. as a pre-req anyway (which as stated, is difficult to get into). I would drop one of the 7th semester courses as well. 8th semester looks alright from what I have heard. Of course, because Soft. Meth. will probably have to be moved forward, this may again overload these semesters.

  29. Comp arch 2 doesn’t exist at Rutgers anymore and hasn’t been offered in a few years. You might not be able to get into software methodology next semester, depending on your credits because its a popular class. Doing 4 CS classes in 1 semester is rough.

  30. Got it! Thanks for the advice. Yeah, that course is still listed on the CS website. Again, this is only to give a rough idea.

  31. Last edited 3 years ago. I’d doublecheck any choice you make to see if the info is still accurate.

  32. Yeah, I always do each semester, but it is a good starting point to decide which classes to take.

  33. Interesting. When I took it last semester, I don't think I wrote more than two pages the entire semester or spent more than 10 hours the entire semester working for that class.

  34. now someone is just gonna go to the desk and say hey i lost a white apple watch

  35. Plus, the person who lost it can easily locate it on their phone and lock it through Find my Device or something.

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