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  1. In my experience and MANY others, optimizing for different events even though FB will TELL YOU to do this is bad news. Listen, Facebook is so smart if you tell them to optimize for add to cart or initiate checkout they WILL do that. Optimize for what you want every single time even when youre just starting. I know this might beat logic but we all know how smart Facebook is with advertising and it is def better to optimize for purchase and then go from there.

  2. But if you aren't getting enough data then move the event up the funnel. All purchasers are also add-to-carters. It's a balance between quality and quantity when it comes to data.

  3. I understand the logic in this but after spending damn near 500k in ads this is just not the case, i ALWAYS optimize for purchase and get better results compared to when i optimize for lower conversion events to give fb data. If your targeting is correct with your creative Facebook is extremely good at getting you what you want right off that bat.

  4. Best way is to send the product to a creator or an influencer for content, or order it and take it yourself. This will produce far greater results then taking someone elses content and you also do not risk getting sued in the future lol.

  5. Ah, what if im not sure if the product is a winner? Should I still order it? I'm also in Canada, and my suppliers have a warehouse in the US, so I'm assuming it might take a bit.

  6. I would always test with content found on the internet before ordering and making my own content. I thought you were already making sales! You're good, you just dont want to scale high with other peoples content.

  7. How effective is your broad, no targeting ad set? I wouldn't trust FB enough to just test with no interest.

  8. I am not OP but in my experience, with a decent amount of data broad no targeting is awesome. Especially if your product/service is broad instead of so niche specific.

  9. Also, does this campaign only spend if it generates results? Or am i confused on how this bid strategy works?

  10. Same for me, i believe i was suspended around November.

  11. Did u get suspended after trying to create an account or were u already running ads

  12. as soon as i submitted a feed for GMC i was instantly suspended for Misrepresentation

  13. Hey, would you mind recommending to me the agency you used please I need help. i would greatly appreciate it

  14. I suppose you can if you have fast and reliable shipping times. There's plenty of Chinese that seem to do just fine shipping from China on Amazon lmao.

  15. Oh yeah defnitely, and their listings suck. It's time to take back our region! lmao

  16. I am glad i didnt have to type this one out myself ^^ Bravo.

  17. I'm sorry but this sub is about kava, the traditional beverage of the Pacific Islands. As such, kava extracts and other derivatives are considered off-topic.

  18. Well lets hear some good recommendations for traditional kava then please lol

  19. Hmm i wonder, seems like a good idea but FB is always a little ass backwards. Try it and let us know what how it goes!

  20. Yes of course you can. I did this for a short term in an emergency situation. You will most likely get way cheaper shipping rates from 3PLs and once you scale it would be a lot more beneficial to send the bulk to the 3PL warehouse and have them take care of it. You will probably make more money and have less work to do so you can focus more on scaling the business.

  21. Hey man hope you got your DCMA resolved. When they issued a DCMA against your store, does Shopify tell them your personal information? (e.g. personal name /Company name/Address)

  22. I am not too sure how that works. Id sure as hell hope not lol.

  23. Right on thanks for the info! Im pretty sure he is just trying his hardest to get rid of competition knowing that Shopify will never take it further even if its clear he is filing false DMCA. Im also pretty sure he lives in another country then me which you would think would make it alot harder and make less sense to go that far as file a lawsuit.

  24. DUDE I BEEN BINGING PORTNOY. im so glad someone posted this lmao

  25. Lets talk. I been looking for a media buyer just like you.

  26. Well im still in my 20s but diving head first into business and investing has completely changed the path of my life. Im a high school drop out and have worked construction the majority of my life until i dove right into business and investing and now i can do what i want when i want while making 2-3x the money.

  27. Got all custom content done, went back and re did all my pages and policies. I have been shipping from a 3PL so no not drop shipping currently. Still cant get unsuspended. I am thinking once its gone for this reason there is no hope lol

  28. Oh man Google ads are killer. I would spend some time learning Google and really trying to make it work because they can be consistent as fuck. Also give Pinterest a go.. I have heard that is the closest to FB but i have not yet put in too much effort into making that work.

  29. I thought this sounded familiar. You were having this problem months ago, and you've had your shop banned from other platforms for this and other issues (misrepresentation).

  30. The first time around I did have images from the supplier, The second wave was with custom content and images and now the 3rd wave it remains the same. This competitor does not even take the time to send shopify accurate information about my listing. It's almost as if he has some type of script sending them out daily.

  31. my BF ads are doing atrocious. Not 1 sale in the first 11 hours of BF. Its honestly shocking to me but with FB ads i suppose i should have known.

  32. Are you ever going to turn them back on? Like after cyber Monday? Or are you done for the season

  33. Hell no im leaving them on lol. They will pick back up. Gotta test new creatives man creatives are everything on FB.

  34. I am starting to wonder this myself as i am fairly new to PPC (started in march) and i had a GREAT campaign going strong for 4 months but the budget was significantly higher then what i run now. I feel like the only thing i am doing wrong is having a low budget lol.

  35. This has happened to me recently. Almost the SAME story i almost feel like we are selling the same product haha. What i did was file a DMCA counter claim and if that does not stop it i will file DMCA on them too. I can be petty all day long.

  36. You need at least 100 to get an audience going and it will automatically add new people in. So if you have 100 leads and another 50 next month, FB will dynamically update your LLA audiences to match what you are looking for.

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